UFC 262 Free Fight: Charles Oliveira vs Tony Ferguson

30 апр 2021
3 938 349 Просмотров

Charles Oliveira earned his UFC lightweight title shot against Michael Chandler at UFC 262 after a dominant victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 256 in December last year. UFC 262 goes down in Houston on Saturday, May 15.
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  • Imagine what khabib wouldhave done

    ReddawgReddawg4 минуты назад
  • That arm triangle and tony not tapping was the craziest shit I've ever seen

    Berk T.Berk T.7 минут назад
  • Enough with these tony type of guy jokes

    Sameer kSameer k15 минут назад
  • What a boring fight

    Clayton MonroseClayton Monrose39 минут назад
  • судя по этому выступлению шансов с хабибам у него не было бы

    Vitaliy ShoniyVitaliy ShoniyЧас назад
  • Had his balls in his face 🤣🤣🤣 game over. Boring fight.

    Faize WolfFaize WolfЧас назад
  • Khabib vs Oliveira needs to happen

    Komodo The English BulldogKomodo The English BulldogЧас назад
  • Men what’s wrong with tony ? He got his second loss. How could he fight with khabib ? Nooooo bro he is done for fight, and he is retired.He can’t fight any more.

    seyawash azadseyawash azadЧас назад
  • Larce - loser arse not d Arce

    Sanaullah RkoSanaullah RkoЧас назад
  • Khabib mauls Tony anyday in prime too

    Sanaullah RkoSanaullah RkoЧас назад
  • Pertarungan yg membosankan

    Chariest abduloh BudiyantoChariest abduloh Budiyanto2 часа назад
  • Tony 🤡 nothing only has reach advantage. You want khabib?😆

    Sanaullah RkoSanaullah Rko2 часа назад
  • BBC News, Afrique

    Pedro PauloPedro Paulo2 часа назад
  • Oh ffs this comment section is worse than the Mortal Kombat comments Drrrr "what do you mean?" Jesus Christ you people are sheep And terribly unfunny

    OrangeCRUSH 480OrangeCRUSH 4802 часа назад
  • Tonys the type of guy that will put himself in a hospital to get happy pills then Dance on RUworld.

    Fit4Life Nick ZagorovFit4Life Nick Zagorov2 часа назад
  • Ну что Тони получил приз......й😂😂

    Аю ГукАю Гук2 часа назад
  • Oliviera let Ferguson fall and stand up just so he could rightfully put him back down. True sportsmanship lol.

    K. SaltK. Salt2 часа назад
  • Tony Ferguson, you are a loser, you will not be able to withstand 10 minutes of love

    sultan alshamsisultan alshamsi2 часа назад
  • Tony’s the kind of guy who’ll break his back, spinal, in order to gain Mike Tyson’s respect.

    The Wallstreet ByteThe Wallstreet Byte2 часа назад
  • Tony the type of guy that should just give up . Tony fan s no real champ loses this much !!

    Mark MarshMark Marsh3 часа назад
  • Tony is slow.., it's time to retire.)

    Andrej WarovAndrej Warov3 часа назад
  • Oh my god the comments section 🤣🤣

    Shubham SrivastavaShubham Srivastava3 часа назад
  • Tony is the type of guy to lose 3 in a row

    dread.dread.3 часа назад
  • I could swear that i saw Tony tap i think he was about to but caught himself. Tony is tough as fuck!!!

    Duff ManDuff Man4 часа назад
  • The temporary squash disturbingly attract because change generically knot besides a scattered maple. keen, stormy antelope

    Brandon WongBrandon Wong4 часа назад
  • Ferguson 🤡🍼🤡🍼🤡

    Fincols SmaoFincols Smao4 часа назад
  • You guys think Joe Hogan is a fan of Oliveira?

    Nick FiammettaNick Fiammetta4 часа назад
  • Tony is the most trash yet good fighter. So strange

    Nicholas WoodsNicholas Woods4 часа назад
  • Tony Ferguson, your wonderful career is about to come to and end. Don't give your fans the pain of seeing you being defeated once again.

    Jorge TrujilloJorge Trujillo5 часов назад
  • This’s the guy who was talking trash to khabib?😂😂 he would be the easiest fight for khabib

    LifeLoveWisdomChann JallohLifeLoveWisdomChann Jalloh5 часов назад
  • We want Justin gaethje to fight. He is solo good.

    Shawn KliewerShawn Kliewer5 часов назад
  • Tony IS finished from a long Time ago. he continues just for taking the last dollars

    akh akhhakh akhh5 часов назад
  • All that is left of Tony is his heart... Confidence is long gone after Justen.

    84xyzabc84xyzabc6 часов назад
  • Tony be washed up

    Michael HalsteadMichael Halstead6 часов назад
  • gaethje fight fucked tony up completely.he is done forever

    sabbir jaigirdersabbir jaigirder6 часов назад
  • А что, уже и апкики запретили? Скоро запретят вообще бить соперника

  • Tony the type of guy to teach Olivera English just to cuss him out.

    Stony LovStony Lov7 часов назад
  • Bruh these comments though...

    Bogoa BataaBogoa Bataa7 часов назад
  • Oliveira's BJJ is supreme and highly effective. Total domination

    Mac MainMac Main8 часов назад
  • Tony and Ferguson

    Ivailo PankovIvailo Pankov8 часов назад
  • The macabre veterinarian generically improve because ground undesirably fix past a well-to-do beaver. aquatic, dead lake

    Biden BreaksBiden Breaks8 часов назад
  • Too many schizopills have caught up to Tony

    V KnivesV Knives8 часов назад
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lose 3 fights in a row just to see how it feels to lose 3 fights in a row.

    kobie campkobie camp9 часов назад
    • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lose 3 fights in a row just so he can get one step closer to beating the record of most fights loss in a row.

      kobie campkobie camp9 часов назад
    • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lose 3 fights in a row just so he can hear somebody say 3 strikes, and you're out.

      kobie campkobie camp9 часов назад
    • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lose 3 fights in a row by 3 different guys just so each one can know how it feels to beat him.

      kobie campkobie camp9 часов назад
    • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to lose 3 fights in a row just so he can make a big comeback.

      kobie campkobie camp9 часов назад
  • Tony lol

    мак макмак мак9 часов назад
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👋👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Валижон ЭгамбердиевВалижон Эгамбердиев9 часов назад
  • Фюргесон жопонюх

    Владимир БелоусовВладимир Белоусов10 часов назад
  • I wonder if oliveira fight gaethje

    Ole OleOle Ole10 часов назад
  • Tony got lucky on first round,if itwastlnt the bell rang he will.goes hospital with broken hand!!!!😭

    Insan TauhidInsan Tauhid10 часов назад
  • You can’t do an up kick?!

    Pradda GeePradda Gee10 часов назад
  • How can people not see ferguson is a shit fighter he looks so awkward and of balance he can't handle a boxer that's why Justin whooped his ass now now he gets bullied on the ground as well 🤔

    The DonThe Don11 часов назад
  • After seeing how he did against Dariush and Oliveira, I think lightweight was never really the division for Tony despite his 12 win streak. I could be wrong but he just looks like he isn’t strong enough. It could just be his age and what the Gaethje fight did to his chin and confidence, but I feel like he was always just too tall with too wide of a frame for 155 lbs. He’s always looked really skinny at 155 and I’ve always wondered if he would compete better at 170 and maybe he’d have a physique similar to that of Colby or Nate. Forget about all that though, I NEED TO SEE OLIVEIRA VS KHABIB because holy crap, Oliveira’s grappling here was AMAZING. I think he’d be a real threat on the feet and on the ground for Khabib.

    Tony GirgisTony Girgis11 часов назад
  • Tony is type of guy to keep his brain cells home so they don't get damage .

    UFC - The Fight BusinessUFC - The Fight Business11 часов назад
  • The easy behavior proportionally question because foam concurringly clip than a abounding plain. black-and-white, dazzling architecture

    Md MosarofMd Mosarof12 часов назад
  • Charles is such a complete figher

    Adam BurgessAdam Burgess12 часов назад
  • Tony the type of dude to scare Dana white during a stare down with his opponent

    blahoblaho12 часов назад
  • You know Khabib was right he said in age where tony is and lost like that to Gaji he is finished Khabib was right I felt sorry 😣 for tony

    Guest in this word .87 years agoGuest in this word .87 years ago12 часов назад
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who loses and wins the same fight

    Armando RodríguezArmando Rodríguez13 часов назад
  • tony permainanya itu itu aja jadi kebaca makanya sering kalah

  • It was definitely a bad day for tony. It looked like he didn’t know what to do.

    MEONLYBROMEONLYBRO14 часов назад
  • “Joe playing that rusty trombone about these jiu jitsu guys” - Rampage Jackson

    DJ_CubDJ_Cub14 часов назад
  • I’m still fairly new to UFC so can someone explain why Charles was given a break just cuz he was bleeding?

    Tim’s Hot TakesTim’s Hot Takes14 часов назад
  • 👎👎👎😴😴😴

    Nurbolat BektureyevNurbolat Bektureyev14 часов назад
  • Tony fergusson, is a fucking tricky slicky

    Tiana ShieldsTiana Shields16 часов назад
  • Tony Ferguson is my type of guy

    Akihi YepAkihi Yep16 часов назад
  • UFC 53 Ciesoit Tuiobekpolm VS Setrain Koiures

    Hadsadee MANIXABHadsadee MANIXAB16 часов назад
  • Why does it say it’s posted 2 weeks ago

    Nathan JeromeNathan Jerome16 часов назад
    • This fight happened a couple months ago

      Mobeen AkhtarMobeen Akhtar13 часов назад
  • Tony is such a great fighter he loses every fight😂

    A RazaA Raza16 часов назад
  • tony the type of guy to break his arm and legs on fight purposely to pay doctors

    The NotoriousThe Notorious16 часов назад
  • hes that type of guy for sure

    brown guybrown guy17 часов назад
  • Ferguson was mauled in this one.

    FruityDickensFruityDickens17 часов назад
  • I only come here for the Tony Ferguson type of guy comments. You guys are golden.

    GreyExceptionGreyException17 часов назад
  • Oliveira is a very technical fighter, stance and wrestling 👏👏

    Mikhail GorbynovMikhail Gorbynov17 часов назад
  • This was like seeing Wolverine fight his upgraded clone in Logan

    Chris HernandezChris Hernandez18 часов назад
  • overused words in this section "type of a guy"

    Joh TipzJoh Tipz18 часов назад
  • Hahaha tony god bye....

    Ahmad AidilAhmad Aidil18 часов назад
  • tony is the real definition of embrace the grind

    Joh TipzJoh Tipz18 часов назад
  • Terrible performance this Saturday also. Tony needs to retire.

    Jon ArbuckleJon Arbuckle18 часов назад
  • Joe wants VAR to come in and do the slo mo on the knee, it was down joe

    Adam FanningAdam Fanning18 часов назад
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to pull guard on the big show

    Jay Da Fight FanJay Da Fight Fan18 часов назад
  • I wish I have Tony Ferguson Endurance

    Micah BellMicah Bell18 часов назад
  • Tony změnil tactiku oproti Junstinovi

    David BartDavid Bart19 часов назад
  • Tony ferguson is the type of guy who don't give a fuck when his left arm is broken but continues to fight and gives a hard time to his opponent who tries to submit him.

    Rahul AyyambadanRahul Ayyambadan19 часов назад
  • Khabib is scared.. when you're scared you retire lol

    BRENT ConlonBRENT Conlon19 часов назад
  • Charles olivera looks like tig from sons of anarchy in the thumbnail

    Hamza HussainHamza Hussain19 часов назад
  • Wow Oliveira refused to go for another submission with Tony's left arm in the 3rd round. So much respect for the guy. God bless him

    Prison MikePrison Mike19 часов назад
  • Joe said it best "total domination"

    Jax ChristianJax Christian20 часов назад
  • Turd Ferguson Vs Tony Ferguson!

    Jay BennettJay Bennett20 часов назад
  • Charles Oliveira is so fucking good he is just having fun against Tony.Tony is getting a good lesson how to fight a excellent Brazilian.He will be the champion no doubt about it there are nobody as good as Charles

    Mario FerreiraMario Ferreira20 часов назад
  • Retire Tony, three fights lost, your done, pride comes before the fall and I have never seen someone more arrogant. Turn to Jesus, He will forgive. He loves you!!!

    Troy ClineTroy Cline20 часов назад
  • Tony is history!

    Med RAYANEMed RAYANE21 час назад
  • Ferguson is cringe.

    QwertyuiopQwertyuiop21 час назад
  • Why can't the commentators just shut up 🤐

    Andi MaurerAndi Maurer21 час назад
  • :'(

    FuryoFuryo21 час назад
  • All "type of guy" commenters below beat dead horses. Douche nozzles on parade.

    strawdog *80*strawdog *80*22 часа назад
  • Tony is retired, because he's tired.

    Peter ThiessenPeter Thiessen22 часа назад
  • Tony Ferguson is a type of to put doctor's arm into plaster cast.

    Bayindir GülayBayindir Gülay22 часа назад
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy who after the fight give all the money in the house of Cuckoo.

    tim nimtim nim22 часа назад
  • T Ferguson is a man of the past and to be honest I haven’t seen him do anything successful in years . Now there is a new kid on the block who is just superior and with new and evolved technique. He Oliveira, just looks like a champion in waiting. 👍

    Yimmi Lopez-HidalgoYimmi Lopez-Hidalgo22 часа назад