Top 5 Mods Full Week! in Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Miku & Sarvente - Friday Night Funkin Mod #1

28 мар 2021
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This mod is cool, Excellent Full Week... Whitty, Hex, Tricky, Hatsune Miku & Sarvente become Boss?
All Week using bot
Sorry, i got copyright music just miku...
FNFBot made this by Kade Developer
This mod is the inspiration for the Full Week Series
Friday Night Funkin' #4 (Hard Mode)
(Link Mod)
1. Whitty Full Week
2. Hex Full Week
3. Tricky Full Week
4. Hatsune Miku Full Week
5. Sarvente Full Week
00:00​ Info
00:10​ Phase 1 Whitty - Lo Fight
02:27 Phase 2 Whitty - Overhead
04:56​ Phase 3 Whitty - Ballistic
08:08​ Phase 1 Hex - Dunk
11:56​ Phase 2 Hex - Ram
14:33​ Phase 3 Hex - Hello World
17:17 Phase 4 Hex - Glitcher
21:18 Phase 1 Tricky - Improbable Outset
23:25​ Phase 2 Tricky - Madness
26:27​ Phase 1 Miku - Popipo
28:12 Phase 2 Miku - Aishite
30:05 Phase 3 Miku - Siu
32:24​ Phase 4 Miku - Disappearance
34:16​ Phase 1 Sarvente - Parish
36:27 Phase 2 Sarvente - Worship
38:46 Phase 3 Sarvente - Zavodila
42:02​ Phase 4 Sarvente - Gospel
45:41 Outro
#FNF #FridayNightFunkin

  • i'm sorry. only miku got copyright music Phase 1-4

    Helios WhitestarHelios Whitestar21 день назад
    • Dang it

      Puchii LopezPuchii Lopez10 дней назад
    • its ok

      dimas prastiodimas prastio10 дней назад
    • F

      CatNip PlaysCatNip Plays10 дней назад
    • Okay not sorry for the música popipo

      melany gomezmelany gomez10 дней назад
    • I am a fan I love your videos

      Lariah LariahLariah Lariah15 дней назад
  • You are mean 🤪🤪🤪🤪 where is my voice 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    MikuMiku3 минуты назад
  • This comment section is absolute hellfire

    Tim S.Tim S.17 минут назад
  • Phase 3 of mike u can see Whitty in the crowd

    john Edward Cawilejohn Edward Cawile37 минут назад
  • The church doesn't have any bathrooms tho right?

    AlistirAlistir42 минуты назад
  • Damm bf got the drip

    Will MejiaWill Mejia42 минуты назад
  • Ink sans

    Mia DelunaMia Deluna45 минут назад
  • Everyone: signs Miku: signs muted

    Heaven boy 2 VideoHeaven boy 2 Video57 минут назад
  • ⚽️⚽️⚽️🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🧑

    ngô thị ngọc luyếnngô thị ngọc luyếnЧас назад
  • no

    ngô thị ngọc luyếnngô thị ngọc luyếnЧас назад
  • 😥😱😰😱😰😱😰😱😰😱😰😱😱😱😰😱😱😰😱😱😰😱😰😳😨

    ngô thị ngọc luyếnngô thị ngọc luyếnЧас назад
  • That gameplay though🤠👍🏽

    Haydar AlabboodiHaydar AlabboodiЧас назад
  • Why use bot? It would be more fun wig out using bot

    michelle estaciomichelle estacioЧас назад
  • If you didn't notice, all of the arrows change into crosses in Gospel.

    Kawali Sugar and Cure Lovely are Cutie productionsKawali Sugar and Cure Lovely are Cutie productions2 часа назад
  • What GF is not terrified of: Hungry Monsters (Lemon Demon) Vengeful Spirits (Senpai phase 3) Monster Clown (Tricky) What GF is afraid of: Thunder The Russian Guy (Ruv causing an earthquake) Angry teenagers (Whitty)

    ღ•Daniela Avalos•ღღ•Daniela Avalos•ღ2 часа назад
  • How is gf not scared of a faceless clown but is scared of an earthquake

    Zinetsu AgatsumaZinetsu Agatsuma2 часа назад
  • And tricky has a ugly mouth and I don’t like that mouth

    Kei Family BocalaKei Family Bocala2 часа назад
  • Aquí las músicas más rompededos del mundo :(

    David SilvaDavid Silva2 часа назад
  • GF: *Scared of Whitty* Also GF: *Scared of Ruv* Even Also GF: *Isnt afriad of a green monster and a Demon Nun*

    Darkboy 21Darkboy 213 часа назад
  • The hex musics was crazy and phase 4 he was out of battery’s I saw that thing with batteries

    Kei Family BocalaKei Family Bocala3 часа назад
  • Miku Songs Phase 1: PoPiPo Phase 2: Aishite aishite Phase 3: ????? (I'm still searching) Phase 4: The Disappear of Hatsune Miku

    BreakeableBreakeable3 часа назад
  • E

    StaventeStavente3 часа назад
  • Everyone: singing their songs intensively Miku: *Po-*

    Haylice WattersHaylice Watters3 часа назад
  • when I saw that disappearance was the name of phase four for Miku, I thought it meant disappearance of her voice XD

    Brody SpencerBrody Spencer3 часа назад
  • Hello

    Doggy ytDoggy yt3 часа назад
  • And ruv makes an earth quake

    Andy MaderoAndy Madero3 часа назад
  • Whitty: screams is madness tricky: screams in pain. Miku: screams silent

    Andy MaderoAndy Madero3 часа назад
  • where is mikos’ voice tf

    FateGamingFateGaming4 часа назад
    • miku*

      FateGamingFateGaming4 часа назад
  • 20:27 my wifi when u play arsenal on roblox

    BibBib4 часа назад
  • This guy is good at this game

    Hilda-May Mackenzie-GrahamHilda-May Mackenzie-Graham4 часа назад
  • for some reason, all of my favorite songs are first phase, they’re all the most catchy to me even some in the main game like spookez, cocoa, and satin

    Swxgger V2Swxgger V24 часа назад
  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeee gusta MUCHO!!!!!!!!

    Bolivar CazaBolivar Caza4 часа назад
  • Wey no mames yo a hece punto ya tengo los dedos quebrados

    Nicolas TrujilloNicolas Trujillo4 часа назад
  • 39:56 entering sicko mode... DONE!

    Gamer Green BulletGamer Green Bullet4 часа назад
  • 32:28 When your mother says no more peanut butter and jelly when you ate anything but that when she bought it

    I hate sandI hate sand4 часа назад
  • Bf: beep Whitty's face: ∆⌓X

    hi .•ᴗ•. ツhi .•ᴗ•. ツ4 часа назад
  • 26:44

    Tycoon WoonTycoon Woon5 часов назад
  • friend I'm the only one who in the 7.25th minute until 7.45 grabs him like an emotion and they start throwing their arm as if he's scored a goal doesn't happen to them? And another thing congratulations on passing you all din mistakes

    Bauti BondanzaBauti Bondanza5 часов назад

    Angelina VanceAngelina Vance5 часов назад
  • anyone notice whitty in the backround of miku (technacly its infront but still)

    Alim ZhakuAlim Zhaku5 часов назад
  • his really a Pro

    Marcela RubianoMarcela Rubiano5 часов назад
  • the kid that is playing is a Pro and i Like him

    Marcela RubianoMarcela Rubiano5 часов назад
  • anyways

    Marcela RubianoMarcela Rubiano5 часов назад
  • is ok

    Marcela RubianoMarcela Rubiano5 часов назад
  • GF is scared of loudness : BF scared of nothing : old lemon both meh : earthquake machine: GF :AHHHHHH

    Steve Davis-QuickSteve Davis-Quick5 часов назад
  • Are we just not going to talk about how creative the maker of fnf is

    Cute_wolf3Cute_wolf35 часов назад
  • I loved sarventes songs like all of them I just found out about this one and I beat them all and I love them I keep replaying her last song

    Darrie dreDarrie dre5 часов назад
  • he finnaly misses on phase 2 sarvente

    russian empirerussian empire5 часов назад
  • Kids eating too much sugar 21:50

    { Amy }{ Amy }5 часов назад
  • Quien mas no escucho la parte de miku? :v

    ღツHimiko'_' TogaツღღツHimiko'_' Togaツღ5 часов назад
  • Me: YES MIKU Copyrights:I am about to end this mans whole career

    BroRush GamerBroRush Gamer5 часов назад
  • Ruv:literally shaking the hole place Kieth\bf:O.ø Cherri\gf:EEEeeeeEe

    Isabella BianchiIsabella Bianchi5 часов назад
  • in America, you kill clown. in soviet Russia, clown kills you.

    Beiyu TanBeiyu Tan6 часов назад
  • La tengo re grandeeee

    Fernando RodríguezFernando Rodríguez6 часов назад
  • The amount of ads in this shit is unholy lmao

    Alonso MartinezAlonso Martinez6 часов назад

    Ezikiel BayotEzikiel Bayot6 часов назад
  • OK

    Ezikiel BayotEzikiel Bayot6 часов назад

    Lxcid PxrxdoxLxcid Pxrxdox6 часов назад
  • Notice: You forgot Encore

    Andrew BareAndrew Bare6 часов назад
  • Epicardo

    mrSanti moyanomrSanti moyano6 часов назад
  • Mods mode imposible!!!!!!! WTF

    Ijdo PoshoIjdo Posho6 часов назад
  • Girlfriend has demon parents Ruv sings Girlfriend:"Ahhhh Nooooo"

    Caidon SmithCaidon Smith7 часов назад
  • Gf when she sees witty:scared Gf when she sees a psycho clown: vibing

    Martinez JadenMartinez Jaden7 часов назад
  • K.

    LucasLucas7 часов назад
  • hex kinda chill in phase 4

    Tip TipTip Tip7 часов назад
  • Hex is a good person I feel like he invented the meaning gg

    Martinez JadenMartinez Jaden7 часов назад
  • Where was mikus music and voice?-

    Sofia ShadowSofia Shadow7 часов назад
  • Rip helios wasd

    Martinez JadenMartinez Jaden7 часов назад
  • on miku phase 2 miku's voice got cut off

    Renesmee GlynnRenesmee Glynn7 часов назад
  • Alt title: top 5 fnf rage moment's

    Jacob PlaysJacob Plays7 часов назад
  • jajajakajjaja

    YeseniaYesenia7 часов назад
  • Dr Eduardo el tema del tegsgjeeheh

    YeseniaYesenia7 часов назад
  • Guía

    YeseniaYesenia7 часов назад
  • imagine your fingers after ballistic beating it like that

    Edgar SanchezEdgar Sanchez7 часов назад
  • 24:39 don’t mind me just saving this for later

    it’s lamp timeit’s lamp time7 часов назад
  • What is tricky, and why isn't of afraid

    Skelly LukeSkelly Luke7 часов назад
  • espera que el de la tele en dificil pasa los coroles ?

  • a

    Mini GamerMini Gamer8 часов назад
  • Ik that's a robot cuz it's impossible to get all perfect in />  フ madness      |  _  _ l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |  / ̄|   | | |  | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)  \

    シZachGamesシZachGames8 часов назад
  • ruv: makes earthquake tricky: screams hella loud miku:

    Kali PorterKali Porter8 часов назад
  • Yay I love the last one

    Trey DavonTrey Davon8 часов назад
  • I like Whitty,s first phase, its so relaxing. (And that comes from someone with a BOMB as a head).

    Ludwig GrundströmLudwig Grundström8 часов назад
  • 1 m

    Jayden ResendezJayden Resendez8 часов назад
  • you fucking asshole, you putted so many ads in the video

    OktoberfestTf2OktoberfestTf29 часов назад
  • 29:44 iiiiiiiiiiii

    _Bianca__Bianca_9 часов назад
  • I agree

    Daniel WattsDaniel Watts9 часов назад
  • You using chit?

    THE FLODDYTHE FLODDY10 часов назад
  • I love how you turned off the music because of copy right reasons

    Regine Duroseau ColenRegine Duroseau Colen10 часов назад
  • 22:02 ese wey tiembla más q Japón, loco.

    Isabella Jrz M.Isabella Jrz M.10 часов назад
  • Ruv: I'll make this as painful as possible for you. And your little Girlfriend. Boyfriend: NANI? Girlfriend: Ok

    LoriNOTOriginal_YTLoriNOTOriginal_YT10 часов назад
  • Those guys chanting in Hex's battle Mangoes must be good

    Haz 29Haz 2910 часов назад

    Francesco Valentino LARRAÑAGA VARGASFrancesco Valentino LARRAÑAGA VARGAS10 часов назад
  • Not me dancing alone in my room to this-

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda11 часов назад
  • Mano que ia tirar música você é muito ruim

    Marcos MendesMarcos Mendes11 часов назад
  • 32:37 >:(

    Las locuras de Tv pescadini tvLas locuras de Tv pescadini tv11 часов назад
  • 0 mis

    Logan GajskiLogan Gajski11 часов назад
  • Trazer um aplicativo chamariam

    Denival Camilo NetoDenival Camilo Neto11 часов назад
  • Eu não tenho esse

    Denival Camilo NetoDenival Camilo Neto11 часов назад
  • Não tenho esse joguinho aí

    Denival Camilo NetoDenival Camilo Neto11 часов назад
  • Didn't you guys realized that on miku mod whitty was watching

    King Philip GarciaKing Philip Garcia11 часов назад