Tom Odell - numb (Official Video)

18 фев 2021
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tom odell - numb (official video)
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lyrics -
i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby now i’m numb

i'm losing weight bub
i’m looking great bub
so what i go out every night, sometimes i take drugs
they’re like my make-up
this f**king break-up
you see i gave you all my heart and now i hate love
that’s right I hate love
it only baits us
and if you wanna know how i feel well here’s a taste of

i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby, baby, baby now i’m numb

i hold my hand over the flame
to see if i can feel some pain
look at what you’ve gone and done
baby, baby, baby, baby now i’m numb
credits -
directed by tom odell and joseph delaney {@d0_0m}
producer: frankie willcock {@frankiewillcock}
prod co: lez creative {@lez_creative}
ep: mary calderwood {@mary_calderwood}
dop: thomas english {@thomas_english}
gaffer: laurent arnaud {@sparkswars @shlfilmlighting}
art director: killian fallon {@killianfallon}
make up artist: tina khatri {@tinakhatrimua}
groomer: johnnie biles {@scissor_boy}
editor: johnny richards {@johnnyeditorvfx}
colourist: myles bevan {@m.y.l.e.s @timebasedarts}
commissioner: michael lewin for sony music {@michaelclewin}
director’s rep: marisa garner associates {@marisagarnerassociates}
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  • Im obsessed with this song, your voice is one of those that give me goosebumps ,full of emotions and soulful. You deserve more ,keep up the good work !

    Edible soupEdible soup51 минуту назад
  • JUST dont go bald

    AarouilAarouil7 часов назад

    Farid RhbFarid Rhb8 часов назад
  • Hey Tom You are so amazing thank you so much for your music I love it, Im from Guatemala

    Eduardo ArdianoEduardo Ardiano8 часов назад
  • Tom I love you so much.❤️ I am like this here in my room.

    LuciLuci11 часов назад
  • I love your music

    Demi LenaersDemi Lenaers14 часов назад
  • Иван Дорн ты ли это?

    Aleksandra PokhomovaAleksandra Pokhomova17 часов назад
  • Love this!!!

    Mariana VillalobosMariana Villalobos17 часов назад
  • This came out on my birthday, and that is exactly how I felt. This f..breakup :(

    stengele13stengele1319 часов назад
    • @Mel J thank you for leaving such kind words. You are soo right. Although I didn't celebrate, I was too sad, I need to make this MY year. I hope you have a great year too.

      stengele13stengele138 часов назад
    • Hope you celebrated like crazy and had an awesome Birthday 🎉 This next year of your life is yours for the taking! Yes! F that break-up and anything else that stands in your way of happiness and go out and make the best of it. 💥 Wishing you an amazing journey through this next year and and beyond. God bless your steps @stengele 13

      Mel JMel J8 часов назад
  • I love this!!!!

    partigirl97partigirl9720 часов назад
  • Te amo Tom Odell por ti le echo ganas a la vida

    Judith GonzálezJudith González20 часов назад
  • I love you more than I could try to express in words

    inatureyinaturey22 часа назад
  • This song/clip describes numbness really good. This is the mood I have when I feel numb

    no pono poДень назад
  • tHis is just so good, so so good. lovely. love it. can't stop listening to it

    Matěj KovářMatěj KovářДень назад
  • I love how Tom changed his style. he cut his hair. I think this means that he is moving away from his image of a long-haired romantic prince at the piano, to whom he became a hostage. It is very cool.

    Алёна ГладышеваАлёна ГладышеваДень назад
  • Это будет первый русский комментарий, но, Том, по тебе скучают даже здесь..💔

    Александра ЮрченкоАлександра ЮрченкоДень назад
  • tom is one of the most talented artists out there! i like the song

    Pickycupcake325Pickycupcake325День назад
  • same

    Torre MarcosTorre MarcosДень назад
  • You, us, concert in Poland? Wdys?

    AwasAwasДень назад
  • So funny that I tough this morning about having a shave soon...And now I found "Numb". There's no accident...just meeting points really :p The end of the music video in the whole reversed room is absolutely great !

    Alma WoodsAlma WoodsДень назад
  • So, I have been updating my music list yesterday, added some songs of Tom Odell because I always thought his music was amazing but never really listened to it. Casually added this one to the list. Not realising it is this new >.

    LotteLotteДень назад
  • What a great song!

    Sophie BSophie BДень назад
  • this speaks to me ;-;

    AJR DeaneAJR DeaneДень назад
  • I love you ❤️

    Elizabeth LizzyElizabeth LizzyДень назад
  • Love it!! Did you know that this track reached #47 in the Top Poland Charts on Deezer!

    SongstatsSongstats2 дня назад
  • Is anyone else deeply upset that Another Love was eight years ago? Feels like about two.

    mayhitmayhit2 дня назад
  • Love you Tom! Thank you for your wonderful music. This too shall pass, we are here feeling with you xx

    Clara MeerClara Meer2 дня назад
  • Very good video and song Tom,wish you the best.

    Yahya DarboeYahya Darboe2 дня назад
  • great piece of art

    mohamed sakrmohamed sakr2 дня назад
  • ,,You see,I gave you all my heart And now I hate love”

    Kato MerkvilishviliKato Merkvilishvili2 дня назад
  • I know that Tom deserves more recognition but at the same time I don't want him to get famous!

    out_and_outer _out_and_outer _2 дня назад
  • There is a spider in the video find it (ha uma aranha no video encontre a.)

    anderson nunesanderson nunes2 дня назад
  • Another great song..

    Giselle R.Giselle R.2 дня назад

    z3rah !z3rah !2 дня назад
  • fucking right, Tom

    Amber Lynn HammAmber Lynn Hamm2 дня назад
  • wow!! thank you so much for this tom ... i feel this lyrics ... i can feel the emotion behind the words , it's a great job... i love itttttttt

    darkdark2 дня назад
  • Love u Tom, var olduğun için teşekkürler!

    Ebdı KEbdı K3 дня назад

    çisem arslançisem arslan3 дня назад
  • YOURE BACK. It’s good. 💕💕💕

    Mich ElleMich Elle3 дня назад
  • Jetzt weiss ich, wie Männer Haare schneiden :D Anleitung

    Jenzi R.Jenzi R.3 дня назад
  • this is fireeee 🤟🤟🤟

    Minh ThưMinh Thư3 дня назад
  • Wow wow wow!

    Elena HElena H3 дня назад
  • This talented person is so underrated, he deserves the best!

    Claudia MiravallesClaudia Miravalles3 дня назад
  • I like this music

    SydeWeiz GTSydeWeiz GT3 дня назад
  • you've been missed man!

    Zaina AZaina A3 дня назад
  • He kinda reminds me of James in The End of the F**king world

    Robin KuijpersRobin Kuijpers3 дня назад

    Kali AnimeKali Anime3 дня назад
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt vibe :D

    Adrian SulimaAdrian Sulima3 дня назад
  • amazing, my new favorite song

    KaydennaKaydenna3 дня назад

    sedat kalansedat kalan3 дня назад

    sedat kalansedat kalan3 дня назад
  • Me in 2020

    madbadting manemadbadting mane3 дня назад
  • Brazilian fan here and wow how i've been expecting this

    Jess ElavJess Elav3 дня назад
  • This is what happens when you hang out with the wrong crowd!

    José Vega AriasJosé Vega Arias3 дня назад
  • Omg! I’m in love ♥️

    José Vega AriasJosé Vega Arias3 дня назад
  • this song is so beautiful oh my god

    Emma PatersonEmma Paterson3 дня назад
  • Let's be honest every singer have their "NUMB" song

    lyrics by mozalyrics by moza3 дня назад
  • 💞💓💞

    Donna BeattieDonna Beattie3 дня назад

    sedat kalansedat kalan4 дня назад
  • Best song ever

    sedat kalansedat kalan4 дня назад
  • Missed Tom's music so much

    Okrutna, Zła i PodłaOkrutna, Zła i Podła4 дня назад
  • This is amazing

    Oza ÖzbekOza Özbek4 дня назад
  • glad you back,your song are so beautiful and catchy

    TipaqueTipaque4 дня назад
  • ✨✨✨✨🦋🌸🦋🌸🦋🌼🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🌼🦋🌸🦋🌸🦋✨✨✨✨

    Jean Paul AzzurroJean Paul Azzurro4 дня назад
  • Amazing Tom!!

    Mikaela LaTiMikaela LaTi4 дня назад
  • 🤮🤮 oh excuse me I just realized I wasn't subscribed

    Mbuyelo NkunaMbuyelo Nkuna4 дня назад

    Dani RuizDani Ruiz4 дня назад

    Dani RuizDani Ruiz4 дня назад

    Dani RuizDani Ruiz4 дня назад

    Dani RuizDani Ruiz4 дня назад
  • Masterpiece 🖤

    Vio KaraVio Kara4 дня назад

    HelenHelen4 дня назад
  • Stupid love

    Pato AventurasPato Aventuras4 дня назад
  • this is so damn good

    KELLY KHKELLY KH4 дня назад
  • Thank you for the song. Sorry for the broken heart.

    Lenny H.WLenny H.W4 дня назад
    • Excellent comment 🌠

      Mel JMel J5 часов назад
  • 2 min long songs just hit different.

    Cellar doorCellar door4 дня назад
  • Numb - er One Tom Odell

    Carlos PardoCarlos Pardo4 дня назад
  • stunning, unique, powerful. LOVE YOU!

    dracodraco4 дня назад
  • Who hurt you TOM!!! C'mon mate tell me!!!

    John Ryan DapetillaJohn Ryan Dapetilla5 дней назад
  • ❤️

    phoebephoebe5 дней назад
  • You're the best

    hani ltfhani ltf5 дней назад
  • Hoş geldin iki gözümün çiçeği

    buyuk KURBAbuyuk KURBA5 дней назад
  • Allways have faith we need .. to be strong..

    Maria Patricia ChavezMaria Patricia Chavez5 дней назад
  • 🥰😇💞🌈😔

    Maria Patricia ChavezMaria Patricia Chavez5 дней назад
  • Lend me yer clippers! 12th of April for me...I'll look like the wild man of Borneo by then so ahh your music xx

    Jim KempJim Kemp5 дней назад
  • Omg Tom!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍

    Eddie Valdez GarciaEddie Valdez Garcia5 дней назад

    GillGill5 дней назад
  • This was unexpected and I fucking love it.

    Dimitra MadDimitra Mad5 дней назад
  • So powerful, have goosebumps 🥰🥰🔥

    Li iLi i5 дней назад
  • How did you film the video? Did you sing the lyrics backwards?

    spark0girlspark0girl5 дней назад
  • Another love make numb

    rey rey Reyrey rey Rey5 дней назад
  • 🔥

    Mary ShelleyMary Shelley5 дней назад
  • Magic Tom...

    Lena LenaLena Lena5 дней назад
  • tom...asigim bu adama, sesine...hem kesfedilmesini istiyoeum hem ozel kalsin istiyoeum...cok sevitorum...neysr ani kalsin burda...gelip dinlerim...

    Berrin SarıBerrin Sarı5 дней назад
    • sa türk kardeşim

      Fizikçi MiroFizikçi Miro3 дня назад
  • Someone's going through Britney Spears episode 🙄

    pankometapankometa5 дней назад
  • This song is a masterpiece, just like his other songs 😍⭐ Thank u Tom !

    İrem Bostancıİrem Bostancı5 дней назад
  • so relatable... except the losing weight part

    So SophiaSo Sophia5 дней назад
  • Love is a sickness. And love is the cure.

    OrpheusOrpheus5 дней назад
  • Mantab I love this song.

    Mutiara TanjungMutiara Tanjung5 дней назад
  • Should've gone all the way.

    Tristan MöllerTristan Möller5 дней назад