Tip Chocolate Hacks With Balloon

26 мар 2021
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    Satisfying CakesSatisfying Cakes20 дней назад
    • Oh i love chocolate

      Mili BegumMili Begum4 часа назад
    • Nasty

      magic nikmagic nik6 часов назад
    • ❤️❤️

      Ana PereiraAna Pereira21 час назад
    • Waouh

      Zimi znZimi zn22 часа назад
    • yes🤩🤩

      Zimi znZimi zn22 часа назад
  • 😍😍😍😍😍شبا بزاف

    Nour ElyakineNour Elyakine2 часа назад
  • Bu arada balonuj içinden çıkan hiç bir şeyi yemem :D

    ikra_bbrikra_bbr2 часа назад
  • You can't eat it because you put it in a balloon which contains toxic powder and residue in it and is now in the chocolate.

    Rick TymanRick Tyman2 часа назад
  • The Chocolat is toxic because of the Balloon!! Why?? 👎

    2_dead_2_die !2_dead_2_die !3 часа назад
  • Love Love

    Euren KasaEuren Kasa3 часа назад
  • Me fasting and seeing the chocolate Me:Ah shit,here we go again-

    Nyra EltrisyaNyra Eltrisya3 часа назад
  • Ballon is durty

    ANA THEOANA THEO3 часа назад
  • Canım çekti 😋😋

    Ayşe KonakAyşe Konak3 часа назад
  • Yami wowwwww😘😘😻😻

    Johara AkmadJohara Akmad3 часа назад
  • The balloon is dirty inside, don't do that

    Canal TOP FILMESCanal TOP FILMES4 часа назад
  • I will never eat this chocolate with bad smell of ballon

    TECH TROIDTECH TROID4 часа назад
  • Yummy

    Sonalee RoopnarainSonalee Roopnarain5 часов назад
  • Us Polo club 👩‍🦼

    haydar koçhaydar koç5 часов назад
  • o chocolate vai fica chei de po de bexiga

    Sara F. ReisSara F. Reis5 часов назад
  • Instructions unclear how to get shit out of baloon

    shayan 2shayan 25 часов назад
  • No one: The music: AyWANOU wAnou AyWANOU WAnou A

    Shishi MsaShishi Msa5 часов назад
  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Shiv ShaktiShiv Shakti6 часов назад
  • Você lavou o balão mas tá muito bom 😋😋😚

    ESTER FFESTER FF6 часов назад
  • This is disgusting.

    Bayu RahmatullahBayu Rahmatullah6 часов назад
  • Nastly stuff

    magic nikmagic nik6 часов назад
  • The person who made this: It looks delicious.. Well I'll make sure that it tastes bad for my friend

    Zuzka VaradiováZuzka Varadiová6 часов назад
  • I like chocolate &

    Maliha SalsabilMaliha Salsabil7 часов назад
  • Am already sick this makes me feel even sick

    GraNiteAlkrmGraNiteAlkrm7 часов назад
  • Don't try this at home, because baloon contains some chemical in that, it will harm you .. Thank me later

    Manjunath KManjunath K7 часов назад
  • But it looks like a red blood cell 😭😭

    Nana AgyeiwaahNana Agyeiwaah7 часов назад
  • 😍😍👍♥️🍰🥧🍦🍨🍧🥮🧁🎂

    януля и степуляянуля и степуля7 часов назад
  • Lecker luftballon schokolade

    Michael jacksonMichael jackson7 часов назад
  • Tendrías que hacer mucho de esos pastelitos iones y millones y venderlos por mucho dinero eso sí está muy buena riquísimo Yo nomás quiero como compré pero sí se va apetitoso

    kiARA PereirakiARA Pereira8 часов назад
  • Mantap

    Eti SuhaetiEti Suhaeti8 часов назад
  • Broooo that chocolate would break ur teeth but still looks yum

    Abi MaskillAbi Maskill8 часов назад
  • Why it look good tho

    Jakiyah HerronJakiyah Herron9 часов назад
  • That be looking good tho

    reyna martinezreyna martinez10 часов назад
  • Ok so super cool but- there’s a weird taste inside balloons and I’m not sure it will go good with chocolate- or anything else

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy10 часов назад
  • Ok one question..... why-

    Skylar cosplaysSkylar cosplays11 часов назад
  • Balloon having toxic , it's not good for eating

    Ganesan SundaramGanesan Sundaram11 часов назад
  • If you ever wondered how diabetes looks like, this is a good example

    AliceAlice11 часов назад
  • Quee

    Alexia RomeroAlexia Romero11 часов назад
    • Perdonmequiboqueeraquerico

      Alexia RomeroAlexia Romero11 часов назад
  • beli

    ego extrajaya fisingego extrajaya fising11 часов назад
  • Wue rico

    Alexia RomeroAlexia Romero11 часов назад
  • Que rico se ve🤤

    Gabriela PatronGabriela Patron11 часов назад
  • 풍선 드러움

    예진예진12 часов назад
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    mahuatzi rosales huertamahuatzi rosales huerta12 часов назад
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    mahuatzi rosales huertamahuatzi rosales huerta12 часов назад
  • Nice

    Akash payengAkash payeng12 часов назад
  • Ok but the chocolate gonna taste like a balloon

    Someone SomethingSomeone Something13 часов назад
  • Actually the chocolate will taste bad and not healthy bcs theres something sprayd inside the baloon

    Acy FishAcy Fish13 часов назад
  • Chocolatey raspberry with a hint of nice rubber

    ΛrchaliasΛrchalias13 часов назад
  • Qué rico 🤤

    Maite UlloaMaite Ulloa14 часов назад
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Annisa. suratul imran AbdinasirAnnisa. suratul imran Abdinasir15 часов назад
  • Thats a lot of chocolate

    N RN R15 часов назад
  • I dont think that is safe to eat bec it inside a balloon unless the balloon is made for food graded

    Heuy PhamHeuy Pham15 часов назад
  • ❤❤❤❤

    Dhouha Ben SalahDhouha Ben Salah15 часов назад
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    Angelly CominaAngelly Comina16 часов назад
  • Wow

    Joury MohammedJoury Mohammed18 часов назад
  • Esttdwftdw de la muncă și se lasă

    Cristina maria ColibasCristina maria Colibas19 часов назад
  • Che figata

    Antonella ParriniAntonella Parrini20 часов назад
  • 😛😛😛😛♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Felicitas Zúñiga PérezFelicitas Zúñiga Pérez20 часов назад
  • Waste of time

    xxwolfxx2 2xxwolfxx2 221 час назад
  • 😭❤️😘 Marina eu qro

    Mirian OliveiraMirian Oliveira22 часа назад
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    Ela ArslanEla Arslan22 часа назад
  • hmm... I wonder whats inside a balloon, oh its that thing they spray, welp now my cake is disgusting

    ツ22 часа назад
  • 5 min crafts be like:

    Lakeiya SandersLakeiya Sanders22 часа назад

    87mhe87mhe23 часа назад
  • 🤤🤤🤤

    Leo TorresLeo Torres23 часа назад
  • Yumm that's look good

    Ariyanna PirelaAriyanna PirelaДень назад
  • زورجوانه

    Warin JegrWarin JegrДень назад
  • Beda tangan beda hasil 🙂

    Indri_aniIndri_aniДень назад
  • 形はめっちゃ綺麗なんだけど、風船の中には入れたくない… 誰かこの気持ちわからん?笑

    万年発情期兎万年発情期兎День назад
  • 🤮 que asco chocolate sabor globo

    pixiepixieДень назад
  • Siapa boleh buat

    Daiolha TobiasDaiolha TobiasДень назад
  • not a good idea to use balloon. for your chocolate. it taste's like have some chemicals on it.

    john michael teopizjohn michael teopizДень назад
  • It's unsanitary

    amina Mariyamamina MariyamДень назад
  • ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    muslimamuslimaДень назад
  • 풍선안에 가루 있는건 알죠..?

    복냥이BOKNANGI복냥이BOKNANGIДень назад
  • 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    prensesprensesДень назад
  • Like we all have raspberry cream lying around :|

    Oakley Forest VODSOakley Forest VODSДень назад
  • Watching this gave me heartburns

    Yeetus FoetusYeetus FoetusДень назад
  • Super very nice

    amrutha ammuamrutha ammuДень назад
  • 💖💖💖💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💋💋💋💋💋

    Asia KijankaAsia KijankaДень назад
  • Very tasty and so yummy

    Anil JoshiAnil JoshiДень назад
  • Какашка Еденарога

    Mika KaideMika KaideДень назад
  • Hello everybody

    Bubble MilkBubble MilkДень назад
  • چرااا اینجا همه انگلیسی نوشتن

    mina Emaamina EmaaДень назад
  • Bruh how?

    Donna Lee ZamorasDonna Lee ZamorasДень назад
  • அருமை

    Ven KatesanVen KatesanДень назад
  • He is copying so yummy

    Choco pie Renita 1331Choco pie Renita 1331День назад
  • When you realized the chocolate has rubber and plastic melted in them

    bruh sugmabruh sugmaДень назад
  • I cannot think of anyone, ANYONE on the world that will spent their time doing this when you can go to the store and get a better cake for just 2 fucking dollars

    Anthony AvilaAnthony AvilaДень назад
  • 00028

    Fabricio BarillaFabricio BarillaДень назад
  • Ooh taste like rubber! 🤣🤣🤣 Uhh No thanks!

    Edz DomingoEdz DomingoДень назад
  • El chocolate va a saber a goma XD

    Arely MoralesArely MoralesДень назад
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    Aghsayfxnj WilrsnwqmeAghsayfxnj WilrsnwqmeДень назад
  • Oi. TUDO. BEM

    Larissa GomesLarissa GomesДень назад
  • How to get Cancer 101, chocolate edition

    6ix6ix 6ix6ix6ix 6ixДень назад
  • Bruda ramadan

    black schark deuschblack schark deuschДень назад
  • Replace the balloon with a used condom. At least you'll know why it tastes like shit and gave you a terminal illness.

    LleanlleawrgLleanlleawrgДень назад
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    Manoela OliveiraManoela OliveiraДень назад
  • Que Rico

  • 👍👍

    rafael wildrafael wildДень назад