The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went (Official Music Video)

4 фев 2021
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The Pretty Reckless - AND SO IT WENT (feat. Tom Morello)
From the new 'Death By Rock And Roll' | Available Now:
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And so it went
The children lost their minds
Begging for forgiveness
was such a waste of time
And the bullets start to fly
And the bough’s about to break
When you hear them cry
It’s too much for me to take
The world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to me
And so it went
The children lost their minds
Crawling over bodies of
those who gave their lives
And the fits begin to throw
And the re starts to blaze
Don’t you think they know
They’re the fucking human race
The world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to
Everyone is crying out, I can hear them scream
With all these eyes upon us but no one seems to see
That you and me are just the same as god meant it to be
But you’re much too close to me
You’re much too close to me
And so it went
The children lost their minds
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
And the wind begins to howl
And the wolf is at your door
You have so much of everything
But still you wanted more
They said the world does not belong to you
You are not the king, I am not the fool
They said the world does not belong to you
It don’t belong to you
It belongs to me
#ThePrettyReckless #ANDSOITWENT #DeathByRockAndRoll

Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing And So It Went. © 2021 Goin' Down, Inc., Under exclusive license to Fearless Records. Distributed by Concord.

  • Me and my dog were cruising and this song came on and some others (warriors of the world, god was never on your side, supernaut) just to mention a few, and he sat on the seat like he was jammin too like “thish song shlaps” he is my son from another mother.

    Knato CommanderKnato Commander52 минуты назад
  • I don't know why but she does look like Maria Brink from In This Moment in this music video.

    NorstromNorstrom2 часа назад
  • Badass Tom Morello solo. He is Legend!

    KrabatqKrabatq4 часа назад
  • Elimination Chamber

    MrComicOwlMrComicOwl6 часов назад
  • Pig masks come on! Why do people like pig masks so much?

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  • clipe maravilhoso do kct, Taylor ta botando p fude, Love u BABE

    Nayara FioriNayara Fiori11 часов назад
    • Essa banda vai dar o que falar

      paraíso perdidoparaíso perdido5 часов назад
  • Очень нравится сама съемка клипа и образы Тейлор ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Miss FoxMiss Fox13 часов назад
  • Волшебный голос

    Miss FoxMiss Fox13 часов назад
  • When I saw "SOUL POWER" OMG

    Lady260191Lady26019114 часов назад
  • The queen is back...!

    Marco LavMarco Lav16 часов назад
  • Is this just real Giorno? She even looks like him in this pink suit, and the song lyrics match?

    EmiiEmii16 часов назад
  • АннаАнна16 часов назад
  • Can't wait to hear this song live. Wish Pretty Reckless would come to India

    Rohan GuptaRohan Gupta17 часов назад
  • Mayor of Whoville says she still hasn't grown in her nose yet

    Trent DeVlaminckTrent DeVlaminck19 часов назад
  • Elimination Chamber 🔥

    Siddesh HingneSiddesh Hingne19 часов назад
  • Taylor Momsen, ESPECIALLY in this music vid, gives me mega gay panic

    Kelsey.Shutup _Kelsey.Shutup _День назад
  • that SOUL POWER though! yeeeeaaah!!!

    Marc RosalesMarc RosalesДень назад
  • All I can say is Yes, Please!!!

    SwagWan HyungSwagWan HyungДень назад
  • Elimination Chamber 2021 brought me here and I fucking love that it did because I’m digging this band 😂

    MegaChorro123MegaChorro123День назад
  • I loved this song. It represent the voice of the children that are being persecuted in this new world. Where abortion is taken like is a good thing, but criminal lives are so much more valued. So take the lyrics of the song to heart. That’s what rock n roll about! Tell the truth to society and make them wake up to their mistakes before is too late! Rock On 🤘 and Rock Hard! 🦇

    Eloy GonzalezEloy GonzalezДень назад
    • Amen!

      Willie BoydWillie Boyd12 часов назад
    • what

      MerveMerve14 часов назад
  • Rufus Humphrey would be really proud!

    István RauschIstván RauschДень назад
  • \m/_ _\m/ Bloody WOW!!!

    Shawn EatonShawn EatonДень назад
  • Can’t believe every time I see her that she was little Cindy Lou-who lol

    Tiffany STiffany SДень назад
    • No way ! I love both ❤

      Mark E DyhrkoppMark E Dyhrkopp13 часов назад
    • I never knew that 😱

      Chris BrownChris BrownДень назад
  • Wow Morello is a league of his own

    Derek Avery-PatzDerek Avery-PatzДень назад
  • Who's here after watching the elimination chamber wwe

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  • elimination chamber brought me here!

  • well helloooooo Cindy lou.. 😍

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  • who is here after the Elimination Chamber 2021?

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  • actual chills! saw the bts for this vid! love this song!

    CrAZychickeCrAZychicke2 дня назад
  • Редкостная херня, Фигвам

    Клэр ПКлэр П2 дня назад
  • ohhh my god, literal queen shit

    tiyana knitteltiyana knittel2 дня назад
  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤☠️

    GARY CollingwoodGARY Collingwood2 дня назад
  • Didn't Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine took part in this song?

    Benjamin 379Benjamin 3792 дня назад
  • Well well well look who’s back! Nice! 🤘

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  • Elimination Chamber 2021

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  • Perfect for Elimination Chamber 2021!

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  • Awesome Song added to my favourites instantly ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Suit is very bowie esque i love it

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  • Great song, terrible video.

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  • WWE Brought me here! 😅🔥🔥🔥

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  • It's been a hot minute since a rock song gave me chills. My heart aches to have live music back, so I can see this played live.

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  • anyone from malaysia?

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  • WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Theme Song

    mawarmawar3 дня назад
    • It’s a great song to- I’m still mad that they changed raws theme song it was legendary by skillet

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    • Pretty awesome

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  • And now, WWE Network presents Elimination Chamber!

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  • Once again this band is bad ass i love The Pretty Reckless.

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  • I see something with Tom Morello - I listen... I see the same has The Pretty Reckless - my keyboard needs a replacement

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  • This song 👍 This video very bad😑 imho

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  • Wwe

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  • Olá pessoal! We are an alternative metal band and The Pretty Reckless is one of our biggest influences. So we made a cover version of the song "25"

    Flowers To The GroundFlowers To The Ground3 дня назад
  • That middle 8 has such a 90s oasis vibe, trying to be the Beatles.. 😂 👍

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  • This is awesomeee

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  • Scientist finally discover the true appearance of God:

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  • the song could be so much powerful if the children sang the role song, the rest of the video is pointless

    Victória ReisVictória Reis3 дня назад
  • It's WWE Elimination Chamber theme song

  • such a beautiful voice in such an incredible woman

    German G.German G.3 дня назад
  • Wwe eliminate chamber 2021 theme song

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  • The world belongs to me I am the King

    Michael CadileMichael Cadile4 дня назад
  • Omg I had so much fun shooting there thank you!

    Gabi’s worldGabi’s world4 дня назад
  • Get rid of the Herman Munster boots and the stupid mesh on her head and it is a good video. She looks amazing in pink.

    Stacy NorrisStacy Norris4 дня назад
  • Why am I just now hearing about this band, this band is fire 🔥.

    Brock cardwellBrock cardwell4 дня назад
  • you rock guys!!!!!!

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  • tpr deserve the world

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  • everything in this music video is SO PERFECT

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  • Let´s go Cesarooo

    Juan Francisco Meza RománJuan Francisco Meza Román4 дня назад
  • My Queen is back !!!! Sexy as HELL!!!! She and her Band is fucking good. Watch and here the song House on a Hill-What a female Singer. I LOVE THE PRETTY RECKLESS since the first LP and song-many years ago

    Andreas MarxAndreas Marx4 дня назад
  • Fantastic rockband I cant wait to get thier new album

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  • блонди 2021)

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  • Came for Tom Morello, stayed for the whole band

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  • Is it "The Crystal Method - Name of the Game"?

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  • Great Song!

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  • I love the fact she was Cindy Loo-Who in the Jim Carrey Grinch

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  • Newer version of Future Joan Jett and the Blackhearts it gonna be Funny waking you up brod you are Pretty Reckless and 3/4 is all around you in the Ocean you a Cross between Joan Jett and No Doubt playing the Cementary you'd earn that white hair if you was me need stop playing this song on 103 WGBF station this not Death Dealers Parlor.

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  • rock

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  • And So It Went - The Pretty Reckless the Official Theme Song of WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

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  • So Freakin’ cool!!!!

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  • My new favourite song! 🤘

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  • OK... this makes me wants to train for MMA, cuz this would be my intro theme. :-))

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  • Is this song about Attack on Titan??

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