Testing the Nvidia RTX 4090

1 апр 2021
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Once again have Nvidia caught us by suprise, this time with their RTX 4090 and 4090ti.
Hot specs include:
18.000 Cuda cores
232 RT cores
2.169 MHz boost clock
1 kilowatt
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Big thaks to MortenMSP and Pickaxe2komma0 for helping with this video.
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  • This is absolutely incredible - LS

    Linus Tech TipsLinus Tech Tips18 дней назад
    • @Jonas Jamal Whoa! It took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!

      Bryce FranklinBryce Franklin3 часа назад
    • Dunno if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google :)

      Jonas JamalJonas Jamal3 часа назад
    • ㅎㅎ

      재게유튜브재게유튜브6 часов назад
    • omg its linus booooiiiiii

      drifty boydrifty boy17 часов назад
    • Well? Jensen couldn't pull it out of the kitchen oven... Now the second GPU? Ohh GOD!!

  • rgb and everything my god this man . .. .

    EasternperspectiveEasternperspective23 минуты назад
  • Looks almost legit haha!!!

    Emmanuel LacourseEmmanuel LacourseЧас назад
  • nvidia: anouncing the RTX 4090 Captains workspace: Here we have a RTX 5090 with 24 GPU's and 256 gb mem

    ZarZarЧас назад
  • beautiful

    Galaxyphein 123Galaxyphein 1235 часов назад
  • HAHAHAHHA!!! What a fucking JOKE !! LOOOOL. Awsome ridiculous effort into making this Funny Video !! Love how the can gets sucked-in and shredded to pieces looool !! LMAO :D

    Alex DOYLEAlex DOYLE7 часов назад
  • best review ever, I laughed for a while, couldn't believe what I see, my eyes were big and getting bigger every second of the video

    vityok3000vityok30008 часов назад
  • Um... what

    Orange MagOrange Mag8 часов назад
  • Haha. Best April Fools video ever.

    Jake GJake G9 часов назад
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    Александр КозырьАлександр Козырь10 часов назад
  • TomkPro_Hack.exe was stopped working.

    TomkPro_HackTomkPro_Hack12 часов назад
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    Wormax {3}MāmőñťöffWormax {3}Māmőñťöff12 часов назад
  • this needs chernobyl reactor 4 to run

    IS BACONIS BACON14 часов назад
  • i like thats posted on 1. april haha but BRO its funny as fuck hahahaHAHAH!

    Academy ArtAcademy Art15 часов назад
  • will this work with SLI?

    Erik BachmannErik Bachmann15 часов назад
  • This is real?! Wtf is that thing

    TenchuaTenchua16 часов назад
  • lol

    Calvin WisemanCalvin Wiseman16 часов назад
  • LOL its absolutely hilarious look at how huge that thing is

    DCericDCeric17 часов назад
  • **casually sees the video card sucking everything on the desk to it**

    Vertical Development TeamVertical Development Team17 часов назад

    leowZzzleowZzz17 часов назад
  • 😂 this is crazy

    Sniper GXSniper GX18 часов назад
  • İs really?

  • 이 이기 뭐노.....

    노디노디18 часов назад
  • God I love this video - I can watch this 2 times a week - and it still makes me laugh hysterically!

    JoOngleGamerJoOngleGamer18 часов назад
  • 5090 : A gpu the size of a friggin fridge

    0oXcaliburo00oXcaliburo018 часов назад
  • Next year where going to need to buy a case for the graphics card

    JesusJesus19 часов назад
  • He is not saying beast..he says bitch!!

    Jossu's HardwareJossu's Hardware21 час назад
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    Maximus Extreme VIMaximus Extreme VI21 час назад
  • I'm convinced

    Jesse KrushinskyJesse Krushinsky21 час назад
  • I cry with laughter :D

    bojerbojer21 час назад
  • April Fools

    ItsNikaItsNika21 час назад
  • NAh this rtx isnt' real RTX

    FynxFnFynxFn22 часа назад
  • Wtf is this

    TRQ_ LukasPlayzzzTRQ_ LukasPlayzzz23 часа назад
  • Когда съел банку валерьянки.

    SuperGAMINGSuperGAMING23 часа назад
  • April fool

    Mohaiminur RahamanMohaiminur RahamanДень назад
  • *actual price* - 10,000! will be sold at 50,000 dollars

    FerociousBoyFerociousBoyДень назад
  • this brudda drops a banger every april 1st then he’s just gone.

    m_em_eДень назад
  • Great spoof!

    Alter EgosAlter EgosДень назад
  • I died laughing when he said "This bitch!"

    Cool EvloCool EvloДень назад
  • Hilarious

    Trevor HTrevor HДень назад
  • That's not a card

    Bernard HaynesBernard HaynesДень назад
  • i wonder if he actually uses it

    The Vx KidThe Vx KidДень назад
  • este weon con la rtx 4090 y yo re piola con la gt 750M 😎

    PipasøxPipasøxДень назад
  • I want this Bungholio Music 😣😍

    Haik StarckHaik StarckДень назад
  • only complaint is its not big enough for my thermaltake case

    Will AllmanWill AllmanДень назад
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    Gabriel Diaz G.Gabriel Diaz G.День назад
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  • ahahahahaha so fake

    Rafael CamposRafael CamposДень назад
  • This went live 17th April in China’s Xinjiang region.

    OddSoxOddSoxДень назад
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    Makurius JusterMakurius JusterДень назад
  • I love how you can afford a 4090 and a 4090 ti but you cant afford a new monitor that isnt from school

    ParallelZeroLIVEParallelZeroLIVEДень назад
  • Well? Jensen couldn't pull it out of the kitchen oven... Now the second GPU? Ohh GOD!!

  • boys he's a liar-RTX 4090 does not even exist...

    gameboy2021gameboy2021День назад
    • look at the date he posted the video

      Roro 45fRoro 45fДень назад
  • que porra é essa

  • WTF

    ŁewapŁewapДень назад
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    Wojtek KitaWojtek KitaДень назад
  • i dont know how he can keep straight face while explaining spec XD XD XD

    Game / Review / ActivityGame / Review / ActivityДень назад
  • this is real?

    PROMendüz 123PROMendüz 123День назад
    • look at the date the video was posted

      Roro 45fRoro 45fДень назад
  • xD

    MatthiasMatthiasДень назад
  • First april

    mobile shot slomobile shot sloДень назад
  • Damn that’s crazy lol

    NeW758NeW758День назад
  • Ебучий случай, вот из-за кого поднялись цены на видеокарты

  • This guy is lit, Best tech review highly underrated

    Muhammad WaseemMuhammad WaseemДень назад
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    Noel VenturaNoel VenturaДень назад
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  • Well that was dumb

    Yusuke UrameshiYusuke UrameshiДень назад
  • 3:57 У чувака наверно KCAS на 1000 WATT стоял)))

    Fucking ScreamerFucking ScreamerДень назад
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    XhealdXXhealdXДень назад
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    YousefYousefДень назад
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    StREL_ok 22345StREL_ok 22345День назад
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    Userus channelUserus channelДень назад
    • look at the date the video was posted

      Roro 45fRoro 45fДень назад
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    劉真鹿劉真鹿День назад
  • Ah yes, we need a fighter jet in our pc. Its not enough men keep making it bigger and better, soon you'll be a real pilot.

    wolf boywolf boyДень назад
  • Fool's Day?.. Yeah, I understand. :D

    evaderik Mammonevaderik Mammon2 дня назад

    KiD _KiD _2 дня назад
  • someone tell me actually what this is please

    chase :/chase :/2 дня назад
  • can it run CyberBug 8k 60fps DLSS off 😁😁😁😁😁😁??????

    RavinderRSRavinderRS2 дня назад
  • I think it's going to cost as much as my phone number..d

    MAFESSAMAFESSA2 дня назад
  • lol, the monitor with bandages

    Jon WaveJon Wave2 дня назад
  • Awesome! lol

    Vusal HasanovVusal Hasanov2 дня назад
  • 0:55 why does this actually feel true though

    retarcretarc2 дня назад
  • How can this be a thing

    Xeum ZiaXeum Zia2 дня назад
  • Rip pepsi bottle 2:20

    TheShufflerMehTheShufflerMeh2 дня назад
  • now test it against the intel card from last year

    cory knightcory knight2 дня назад
  • It's massive!!!

    Ramadan MetwalliRamadan Metwalli2 дня назад
  • Llegaría a ser increíble pensar alimentar tu fuente directamente a 220 jajaja.

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    Annie 4 FeedAnnie 4 Feed2 дня назад
  • Hahaha fucking great

    Carnage/AanrchyCarnage/Aanrchy2 дня назад
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    witterbosswitterboss2 дня назад
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      Bunta FujiwaraBunta Fujiwara2 дня назад
  • This has got to be one of my favorite satire videos on this platform

    GarrettGarrett2 дня назад
  • omg now after effects on this is a child's play.

    BroK3n H7aRt & pAw4r HoUrBroK3n H7aRt & pAw4r HoUr2 дня назад
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  • Nvidea Airlines

    Cyber GamingCyber Gaming2 дня назад
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  • How did you manage to get the Asus Evergreen series so fast and the flagship model 9000 nonetheless? It just got released two days prior the video upload? :O

    Nara TekchuenNara Tekchuen2 дня назад
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    andreu YouTubeandreu YouTube2 дня назад