SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV

22 фев 2021
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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" is out!
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01 Don't Call Me
02 Heart Attack
03 Marry You
05 I Really Want You
06 Kiss Kiss
07 Body Rhythm
08 Attention
09 빈칸 (Kind)
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SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • Verlos es hermoso!!

    Adorable TaeminnieAdorable Taeminnie12 секунд назад
  • I miss you

    Khet ChannaKhet Channa30 секунд назад
  • SHINee World Domination the entire album is Fire! VOTE on MNet (like for the MAMAs)! Vote on other apps too ❤❤❤❤❤

    sand artsand art34 секунды назад
  • 288,256

    The MattThe Matt54 секунды назад
  • SHINee will always be on top

    WhoismadiiWhoismadii58 секунд назад
  • Me enamore de todos!! Eso es pecado?

    Andrea AldreteAndrea Aldrete4 минуты назад
  • I'm sorry but why I don't see any different colors between sm male singers just the number of the members differentiate them but the song all sounds same and I don't know and can't see their indentity

    Syahirah KSyahirah K4 минуты назад
  • I'm unbelievably happy that SHINee's back!!!

    Camille MeliCamille Meli4 минуты назад

    Yosmary VelezYosmary Velez7 минут назад
    • ¡exacto! SHINee viene a recordarnos con su magnífica esencia esa época que todos amamos y que ellos reinan. TT♡

      my!— 霜my!— 霜Минуту назад

    Yosmary VelezYosmary Velez8 минут назад
  • Allahu Akbar,pelan banget dari tadi malma sampai sekarang,ada apa ini

    SHNee SHAWOLSHNee SHAWOL9 минут назад
  • Oneeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

    Yosmary VelezYosmary Velez9 минут назад

    Alifatul JihanAlifatul Jihan10 минут назад
  • SHINee World! Please dont slow down! We need to give our boys all awards!!!!! Lets Gooooo

    wishblingwishbling11 минут назад
  • Don't call me don't call me don't call me

    Roberto SaenzRoberto Saenz11 минут назад
  • I can't believe I haven't seen this comments but here it goes EXO: call me baby shinee: don't call me

    Tihoney GordonTihoney Gordon12 минут назад
  • 5 días y no lo supero y creo que nadie .

    Karen RamirezKaren Ramirez13 минут назад
  • Bias wrecker Onew breaking my heart into million pieces. Please hold me Minho😳🥺

    nani auntuhnani auntuh16 минут назад
  • supporting my idol's colleagues ;) Shinee you're so cool 👍

    hala barbanahala barbana19 минут назад
  • Alch si están bien buenos

    Valeria Enríquez YañezValeria Enríquez Yañez23 минуты назад
  • Sasaeng is the inspiration for this song i see

    asnov D.asnov D.26 минут назад
  • Hi lovely shawols, we have to like a lot all Shinee videos, still 1m actually for Dont_Call_Me ! Thanks and FIGHTING! 😘

    CstichCstich28 минут назад
  • Go 24M

    Yes BBYes BB28 минут назад
  • Vie1ws????? freeze?

    ltmltmltm ltmltmltmltmltmltm ltmltmltm31 минуту назад
    • Yeah :(

      Taemin MilkTaemin Milk28 минут назад
  • This will never get old.. Forever shine Shinee!

    Ree marberRee marber32 минуты назад
  • Playlist for today! 1. Don't Call Me 2. Celebrity 3. Kind 4. Dear Name (IU and Shinee version) Fighting for shawol next 30 M views!!!

    Dandy Muhamad FadilahDandy Muhamad Fadilah33 минуты назад

    winniewinnie33 минуты назад

    Syafiqah HZASyafiqah HZA34 минуты назад
  • woo me encanta.Tremendos artistas regresaron con todo, vamos a darle mucho amor a shinee y esta joyita....

    Lissette B.Lissette B.35 минут назад
  • Daebakkkkk . Shinee never dissapointed me 😍

    Qc LifeQc Life36 минут назад
  • Wow! They've changed. Powerful rapping . Nice vocal. It seems to me that the rapping style is similar to NCT. New, powerful and refreshing. Well done!

    Milky WayMilky Way36 минут назад
  • shinee was the only one in SM that has different music among SM groups, I'm a little disappointed that they turn them to another typical SM group with the same sound as another SM group which is a electronic sound, but I will still love them as I was doing for all these years and looking for their new activities💜✌️

    bashar dakhnousbashar dakhnous38 минут назад
    • They decided to do this style, if you don't like it you can listen to the album. The songs are totally different from this, they are SHINee style. They always do something different in every comeback, so it's cool they can show they can do this style too. So they are not a "typical" SM group and as Onew said they are not a stereotyped group :)

      Andrea VillarAndrea Villar16 минут назад
  • فخمه!

    chosho alichosho ali38 минут назад
  • SHINee is five!

    unta buncitunta buncit39 минут назад
  • fighting Shawol!! keep STRE44M 30M today!

    unta buncitunta buncit40 минут назад
  • Gracias a todo@s por su apoyo! Bienvenid@s a SHINee World

    Lida FloresLida Flores41 минуту назад
  • Nctzen present to help Shawols sunbaenim in getting the mv to grow

    I believe in Manny H. supremacyI believe in Manny H. supremacy41 минуту назад
    • Thank you

      A GJMA GJM15 минут назад
    • Thank you so much.🥰

      Jinkz OnewJinkz Onew18 минут назад
    • Thank you! 😘

      CstichCstich23 минуты назад

    NorjannahNorjannah42 минуты назад
  • I remember iu says onew is her favorite male vocalist colab Pls, but I think shinee”s member realy Love iu her friend jonghyun

    Iu TulipIu Tulip42 минуты назад
  • This is so refreshing. Love you shinee ♥

    Ramshah KhanRamshah Khan43 минуты назад
  • 25M LET'S GO!

    Elizabeth miElizabeth mi45 минут назад
  • Yahhh hh SHINEE is bck,, saranghae,

    rinzin lhamorinzin lhamo46 минут назад
  • The light shining through is our sweet angel. 💎💎💎💎💎

    bethbeth47 минут назад
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Jewel MJewel M48 минут назад
  • This is dope !!!!

    Myriam SolfMyriam Solf49 минут назад
  • kesini lagi... tiap hari kesini..

    julia Yulia28julia Yulia2849 минут назад
  • No se olviden de votar por SHINee y don't call me en idolchamp y mwave, hay que darles muchos premios!!!

    ;;50 минут назад
  • Kibum?

    Singi HahnSingi Hahn51 минуту назад
    • Do you have any common with Częstochowa? I ask you about your necklace

      Singi HahnSingi Hahn50 минут назад
  • Omg 23M views in 5 days. Shawols power. Lets continue like this.

    kiira Sohyunkiira Sohyun51 минуту назад
  • SHINee regreso mas fuerte que nunca

    ;;51 минуту назад
  • Semangat pagi,yuk alirkan terus yuk capaikan target kita hari ini 25M

    SHNee SHAWOLSHNee SHAWOL51 минуту назад
  • still need onew on masked singer! WHEN!!??

    Rasyidah Salsafira Az-ZahraRasyidah Salsafira Az-Zahra54 минуты назад
  • bcoz of IU . I'm here . hehe I follow them too .

    I'M YOURSI'M YOURS54 минуты назад
    • Thank you

      A GJMA GJM14 минут назад
    • Thanks ♡︎ i love IU so much :( :(

      ltmltmltm ltmltmltmltmltmltm ltmltmltm30 минут назад
    • Thanks I also love IU. This interview dedicated to Shinee was beautiful! ❤️

      CstichCstich40 минут назад
  • 23.260.585

    Greentea Nyawol4evaGreentea Nyawol4eva56 минут назад
  • SHINee is back

    Shorouq adelShorouq adel57 минут назад
  • OT4 DEĞİL OT5!!!!

    Ferruh YıldırımFerruh Yıldırım57 минут назад
  • Amo a parte que o Onew diz "For the next call". O comeback é espetacular como esperado do Shinee. Muito bom ver eles no conceito hip hop

    Jinki LeeJinki Lee57 минут назад
  • sorry the number u have called has been disconnected

    lulucophielulucophie58 минут назад
  • bangun pagi msh ngantuk

    lulucophielulucophie59 минут назад
  • They are so cool, as expected of shinee

    Famela Sofia J.Famela Sofia J.Час назад
  • Come here from IU Pallete...waw great song i like it

    Angel baeAngel baeЧас назад
  • How does it get better every time I listen to it?

    Kiara ThomkinsKiara ThomkinsЧас назад

    Αρια ΚουκΑρια ΚουκЧас назад
  • Vote for SHINee on Idol Champ and MCountdown!

    QAQAЧас назад
  • Dance vocals everything just amazing

    Famela Sofia J.Famela Sofia J.Час назад
  • OMG😭😭😭

    Famela Sofia J.Famela Sofia J.Час назад
  • Song : ulalala Singer : yahaira Listen to the music

    shien junshien junЧас назад
  • Im never bored to hear this song!

    Rizky Tama123Rizky Tama123Час назад
  • كي بجنن 😍

    liza abootliza abootЧас назад
  • Lee Jinkiye olan aşkım beni yoruyor

    EylülEylülЧас назад
  • can we beat 27M?

    Singi HahnSingi HahnЧас назад
    • Te dramy w Korei są częste, ale o gówno, a w Polsce to, co PiS robi, szkodzi życiu ludzi.

      Singi HahnSingi HahnЧас назад
  • SHINee mylabs your back!!!😘😘😘

    JokieYJokieYЧас назад
  • Thank you so much for blessing my soul with this video!!!!! *SHINee’s BACK!!!!!*

    AsianFanVidsAsianFanVidsЧас назад
  • Happy 23M

    It all starts From HomeIt all starts From HomeЧас назад
  • don't stop taemin said they will be getting promoted for a longer time so please keep str34ming, we can give them 5 wins and more!

    SHINee paletteSHINee paletteЧас назад
  • Daily Q: What made you love Shinee?

    Verly ViosVerly ViosЧас назад
  • The place where they are in the second half is in the sky? Space? I want to know the concept of this mv! EVERYTHING IS JUST AMAZING👏

    Natsuki KuboNatsuki KuboЧас назад
  • Me to my Boss during weekends Don't call meeee

    xxmartsxx Pxxmartsxx PЧас назад
  • 23.251

    byunberrybyunberryЧас назад
  • 251,721

    prissyprissyЧас назад
  • Let’s go to 25M my fam

    • Yes

      It all starts From HomeIt all starts From HomeЧас назад
  • people keep saying that SHINee got better, but as a shawol from 2009, i feel the need to remind people this: they were the ACES already back in the days. bear in mind that SM chose to debut these guys at an early age, so they were literally the "chosen" ones, while there were also plenty of trainees who were the same age group but didn't get to debut with them, and later debuted with other groups and were very popular as well (you already know which groups so i don't need to say it out loud).

    nct 2020nct 2020Час назад
  • shinee kings !!!

    Allison HenostrozaAllison HenostrozaЧас назад

    Roz ZeRoz ZeЧас назад
  • I'm officially a Shawol now cos of this song.

    Jinan MohammedJinan MohammedЧас назад
    • @Jinan Mohammed well this was made in 2021 by Gma, I can suggest this beautiful Shinee mini bio

      CstichCstich2 минуты назад
    • @Cstich do you have any like websites or info on them. I wanna become a hard core fan of them.

      Jinan MohammedJinan Mohammed8 минут назад
    • @hannahfionna can u recommend me some solo and group songs?

      Jinan MohammedJinan Mohammed9 минут назад
    • Welcome to the SHINee World, you won't be disappointed! If you have any questions feel free to ask me

      hannahfionnahannahfionna36 минут назад
    • Welcome babywol. Let's appreciate Shinee music as group as solo, they have so much bops! 😘 🎉

      CstichCstich54 минуты назад

    Andrea VillarAndrea VillarЧас назад
  • Shinee the best!

    pansy ni19pansy ni19Час назад
  • I'm coming here every day and I'm not complaining 😃🙂

    Jinan MohammedJinan MohammedЧас назад
  • Shinee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Elisene CaputoElisene CaputoЧас назад
  • Hiii, I've been trying to get into this group for forevverrr. Pls help a sis out. I recognize the one with red hair from dramas(he is a great actor), but who is who(defining feature, etc.)? What is the fandom name? Any shows that'll help me get into them? Pls add anything else I should know about them! :))

    Int._. multiInt._. multiЧас назад
    • the one with black hoodie and heavenly vocal is their leader, ONEW the one with feather hat is KEY the onew with red hair is MINHO the one with white bandana in the beginning is TAEMIN ohyeah the fandom is called SHINee World (Shawol)

      Rasyidah Salsafira Az-ZahraRasyidah Salsafira Az-Zahra51 минуту назад
    • he is minho, the fandom's called shawol. you can try watching Hello Baby

      nct 2020nct 2020Час назад
  • 30M here we come ... FIGHTING 💪💪

    Xiao RongXiao RongЧас назад
  • كوناسينايا لوف ilove this word

    kim assiakim assiaЧас назад
  • From "Replay" to "don't call me" they have come a long way and I feel so proud

    loma 525loma 525Час назад
    • And their all songs are FLAWLESS

      It all starts From HomeIt all starts From HomeЧас назад
  • Jonghyun ❤️❤️✨✨

    mrs jeonmrs jeonЧас назад

    NCTzen in SHINee WorldNCTzen in SHINee WorldЧас назад
    • Fighting

      ojkmt Shawolojkmt ShawolЧас назад
  • 2:34... It's my 100th time here and... finally.. now I noticed.... Mannn!!!

    Farzeen AlamFarzeen AlamЧас назад
  • Me to my cousin that calls me every 5 seconds:

    Kang TaehyunKang TaehyunЧас назад
  • Chào mừng các anh đã quay trở lại

    Tễ TrầnTễ TrầnЧас назад
  • The legendary song is great, I loved it, Taemin Mery me so cute you 💖 Shinee, make more songs, We love you ...

    Elif ElifElif ElifЧас назад
  • 239,917

    prissyprissyЧас назад