SHAMAN KING | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

3 мар 2021
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The Shaman King is the one who can contact the king of spirits and reshape the world. Every 500 years, shamans, who can commune between the worlds of the living and dead, compete in the Shaman Fight to become the next Shaman King.
Among those aiming for the top is a young shaman named Yoh Asakura. See Yoh's adventure unfold in the new adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei's lauded manga, starting 2021 on Netflix.
About Netflix:
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SHAMAN KING | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime
Medium Yoh Asakura enters a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with other shamans in a bid to become the all-powerful Shaman King.

  • im stoked Yoh got a big ass head at 1:17

    Jammiez JarJammiez Jar2 часа назад
  • Please fused with Katana Ver not Body :(

    ryukaiserhryukaiserh4 часа назад
  • 52 Eps will true ending like original Manga?

    ryukaiserhryukaiserh4 часа назад
  • Omgg Anna

    BIM :DBIM :D5 часов назад
  • Bruh shit looks like digimon 2.0

    RED THREADRED THREAD6 часов назад
  • In the new series, they fit in the first 2 episodes what they did in 5 in the original series

    NieznvnyNieznvny7 часов назад

    NieznvnyNieznvny7 часов назад
  • Will there be an English dub?

    TheBaritoneSinger22TheBaritoneSinger228 часов назад

    Jeffrey RinchiusoJeffrey Rinchiuso11 часов назад
  • I was a kid when i watched the old one ! This New One Is gonna be sick!

    Betlog GaeBetlog Gae21 час назад
  • That awesome hope they get sean schemel to repise his roles in this it's not likely since they didn't bring back a single neo voice actor so it might just be and all new cast but one can hope

    bankai productionsbankai productionsДень назад
  • Waiting For this type of Anime ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍

    Rohit TayeRohit TayeДень назад
  • Yeah but I don’t see it on the Netflix app like I type in shaman king and there’s nothing

    John BznJohn BznДень назад
  • When will it be on Netflix USA ??

    Kabi KarinaKabi KarinaДень назад
  • Thanks for making me wait even longer so you can dub it and throw it all up in sections instead of weekly. Killed all the hype for the release for me.

    Austin GAustin GДень назад
  • guys is this a remake? or do I need to watch the old one to

    Eevee5700Eevee5700День назад

    Alma Piliado GAlma Piliado GДень назад
  • I never thought this would happen. What a throwback WOO

    CrappyPaintPapaCrappyPaintPapaДень назад
  • what the hell this can't be real

    Skynight PrimeSkynight PrimeДень назад
  • Just add english version openning in Netflix Look around you, look beyond... It would be epic!

    Kaan AslımKaan AslımДень назад
  • when are you releasing? siigh

    EnnJayyEnnJayy2 дня назад
  • I hate it when Netflix gets the rights to animes I want to watch now I have to pirate this

    Chris JonesChris Jones2 дня назад
  • I'm excited to see shaman king for the first time, the fans of the original got me excited as well!

    ClasshatClasshat2 дня назад
  • Will they go along the manga this time and not just remake the old anime? The manga was a little more deep and sad.

    LauWLauW2 дня назад
  • hope they're gonna have the same english dub voice actors as the original!

    luxarxluxarx2 дня назад
  • Although it's been years. I feel like they should of kept with the original look of the manga, rather then 'update' it to a easier style.

    Zach LightZach Light2 дня назад
  • Reminds me of a mixture of soul eater and twin star exorcist

    KosmcKosmc2 дня назад
  • Why am I so hyped !?

    T DT D2 дня назад
  • "when I fused with you, it felt warm" Lol no homo

    NarakaNaraka2 дня назад
  • I love this

    John BznJohn Bzn2 дня назад
  • can't wait!!! besto plaaace~~!

    mpd mpdmpd mpd2 дня назад
  • Who date to rest of the world

    Miguel Angel Ramos MedinaMiguel Angel Ramos Medina2 дня назад
  • Moc doufám že konec dopadne tak jako v mange že Hao přežije pak by to byl úžasný nový seriál. 🤡

    Anna MullerovaAnna Mullerova2 дня назад
  • Im begging you guys im a huge fan of this anime rate this 10/10 please! *crying*

    ʍɢʂ· JaszYʍɢʂ· JaszY2 дня назад
  • Vivi pra assistir isso ser lançado no Netflix.

    Jurandir Gustavo Souza NunesJurandir Gustavo Souza Nunes3 дня назад
  • So is this gonna have a different ending?

    DrVinceDrVince3 дня назад
  • Алло, олды здесь? Это. Просто. Обалденно!

    Марина ШтольцМарина Штольц3 дня назад
  • WHEN?

    Peter SzalaiPeter Szalai3 дня назад
  • 2021 is just filled with trash shows smh

    Michael HorvathMichael Horvath3 дня назад
  • que te ilumine la eterna luz

    Adrián Ríos BoteroAdrián Ríos Botero3 дня назад
  • Forgot about this classic, this is gonna be great if childhood memories are accurate, they rarely are though

    Red BeardRed Beard3 дня назад
  • Keep the old opening!!!

    xXConsumXxxXConsumXx3 дня назад
  • Dragon balls Hunter x Hunter Shaman King My top 3 favorites at all time. This will be the best gift for my 38th birthday ever!!!

    Airr RyyAirr Ryy4 дня назад
  • Thank you Netflix !!

    Ser MinhSer Minh4 дня назад
  • 🐲❗️U N I T Y❗️🐲

    Garrek ThompsonGarrek Thompson4 дня назад
  • i was just listening to the godly opening theme the other day. can't wait!!!

    DistantKingdomDistantKingdom4 дня назад
  • Sorry guys, if this anime goes down the route the manga went, then I’m giving it a hard pass.

    Liam DuffyLiam Duffy4 дня назад
  • I've never read or watched Shaman King, but I used to love the PS1 game. I guess I'll watch it this time.

    Pedro Alberto RibeiroPedro Alberto Ribeiro4 дня назад
  • when we'll be able to watch it in US?

    Rick PicolliRick Picolli4 дня назад
  • Para cuándo traeran para Latinoamerica? No pierdan la oportunidad de oro. Si siguen esperando la gente de aquí lo verá por otros medios y ya no quedrá ver :'v

    Vicolas RAVicolas RA4 дня назад

    J. PerkinsJ. Perkins4 дня назад
  • Estoy muy feliz porque Megumi Hayashibara hará el opening 💖💖💖💖💖

    hey girlhey girl5 дней назад
  • I'm hype for this

  • You guys remember the "Bakana! Banana!" gag in the 2001 version? I really hope they keep that. It's such a rare moment for Ren!

    minniegddcminniegddc5 дней назад
    • Yeah there were plenty of lame but funny gags...cinderella ren ;p

      J RJ RДень назад
  • Opa aí sim agora vou até assinar Netflix

    coringacoringa5 дней назад
  • Cooooooooool

    attanime animeattanime anime5 дней назад
  • Netflix + Anime = awesome

    Jase Peri Digital ArtJase Peri Digital Art5 дней назад
  • 喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔喔

    Miichi ChuangMiichi Chuang5 дней назад

    DremDrem5 дней назад
  • Kinda bummed we have to wait for netflix to add instead of simulcasting it.

    Jeffrey WalkerJeffrey Walker5 дней назад
  • hecho en toe animation

    Ignacio MiquelarenaIgnacio Miquelarena5 дней назад
  • yeah

    Lewizna BieliznaLewizna Bielizna6 дней назад

    Licerg MagnusLicerg Magnus6 дней назад
  • porque no se puede ver en netflix aun en peru ???

    elkevinluiselkevinluis6 дней назад
  • 1:18 wtf happened here with their proportions

    Eurrikke EdwardEurrikke Edward6 дней назад
  • legit ba lalabas sa netflx to

    Eric MendozaEric Mendoza6 дней назад
  • me: * a sudden feels of nostalgia strikes in the middle of the night for these show I used to watch ages ago as a little human * youtube: May I offer you this? me: WHAT but yes but WHAT

    RuushiiRuushii6 дней назад
  • Me who just rewatched shaman king last year

    lauralaura6 дней назад
    • @Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria hopefully

      lauralauraДень назад
    • Shit me too 😂 ... Are we going to have the ending we deserve now ?

      Pablo Emilio Escobar GaviriaPablo Emilio Escobar GaviriaДень назад
  • ...all they need to follow the manga...THATS IT!! JUST DONT TOUCH IT!

    Louie BeaubienLouie Beaubien6 дней назад
  • New season? Sorry, but I am not interested!

    Tavell ClintonTavell Clinton6 дней назад
    • That's a remake to adapt the real story, but you're the one missing it.

      Yago Jesus MatosYago Jesus Matos5 дней назад
    • Who gives a fuck if you are or not 😐

      ZukaZuka6 дней назад
  • 01:17 I'm sorry, just asking. why the picture still bad for a remake Movie? look at that head. TF

    Rein.bRein.b6 дней назад
    • This is not a movie dumbass

      ZukaZuka6 дней назад
  • Ok ok fine I’ll subscribe jeez Netflix

    Jo JoJo Jo6 дней назад
  • I am so hyped don't get me wrong here but the charachters looks even more childish now, even tho thats how i liked it back then i guess i was hoping for a more mature approach. Still gonna binge watch the thing and cant wait for the feels to hit me.

    Kariu WPixelsKariu WPixels6 дней назад
  • it's not continuing from where it ended .... for now it's only a rewind ... which is kinda sad :/

    Nahalnik BeNahalnik Be6 дней назад
    • The old version was incomplete and had filler ending. This is adapting till the real end.

      Yago Jesus MatosYago Jesus Matos5 дней назад
  • I’m sure Netflix will find a way to ruin this classic gem!

    Kdawg ThegreatKdawg Thegreat6 дней назад
    • @Zuka Damn that’s crazy

      Kdawg ThegreatKdawg Thegreat6 дней назад
    • @Kdawg Thegreat I don’t like Netflix personally, but what you said was cringe and idiotic. Netflix isn’t the one making this anime, so think before you talk.

      ZukaZuka6 дней назад
    • @Zuka awe did I say something bad about your beloved Netflix? Womp womp.

      Kdawg ThegreatKdawg Thegreat6 дней назад
    • Shut the fuck up it’s not Netflix making it dumbass

      ZukaZuka6 дней назад
  • Can someone tell me the name of the first soundtrack???

    Aly WaheedAly Waheed6 дней назад
  • 1:16 Bobble heads..😁

    Mad WorldMad World7 дней назад
  • Is this like Beyblade? 👀

    Mad WorldMad World7 дней назад
  • when the fuck will you release it ???? it's not simultaneous at allllllll. you suck nf

    D.D.7 дней назад
  • Oh come on ....when is this coming out 😫.. I can’t wait 😤

    Jason BrelandJason Breland7 дней назад
  • WHEN?!?!?!!

    EnnJayyEnnJayy7 дней назад

    DrekaelricDrekaelric7 дней назад
  • omfg

    CalyxFPSCalyxFPS7 дней назад
  • me perdi... es un remake o una continuación?

    DhamerJDhamerJ7 дней назад
    • @Yago Jesus Matos gracias

      DhamerJDhamerJ5 дней назад
    • Remake

      Yago Jesus MatosYago Jesus Matos5 дней назад
  • and just like that, my childhood crush on Faust is rekindled

    Serein RainSerein Rain7 дней назад
  • This was my childhood! When will it be out? I want it now

    Unhander ArtUnhander Art7 дней назад
  • If you search shaman king on Netflix the title exists but there are no episodes. WHEN???

    HOVA CloudpunkHOVA Cloudpunk7 дней назад
    • Netflix US is know because they don't release titles until they are 100% complete instead of giving it weekly.

      DrekaelricDrekaelric7 дней назад
  • lol voice actors who engaged in original version exactly do their great job. it's been 20 years from original and nothing changes.

    阿多羅師裕太阿多羅師裕太7 дней назад

    Giannis MP96Giannis MP967 дней назад
  • Hey Netflix get your head out of your ass and let the US fans have Shaman Kings. That's all we want.

    Randall JacksonRandall Jackson7 дней назад
  • Hay Netflix is this coming to the uk

    Aaron FranceAaron France7 дней назад
  • I just hope they wont change the opening.

    Gerard KGerard K7 дней назад

    Giannis MP96Giannis MP967 дней назад
  • dude ngl, but i see in few months many Anna rule 34

    Alf_samaAlf_sama7 дней назад
  • When it will launch to other region??? Japan start Ady.. we also wan watch !!!!!

    Hannes OoiHannes Ooi7 дней назад
  • I can't find shaman king reboot on Netflix

    TRENT LATRENT LA7 дней назад
  • ''Could it be my destiny!? To be Shaman King!'' This is nostalgic.

    Crim RuiCrim Rui7 дней назад
  • Vem logo pelo amor de tudo que tem de bom no mundo meu *-*

    pedro victor delmondes de sousapedro victor delmondes de sousa7 дней назад
  • Kinda gives hunter x hunter Vibes

    Shisui UCHIHAShisui UCHIHA7 дней назад
  • ⚡️ *We need this for Zatch Bell* ⚡️

    Pirate KingPirate King8 дней назад