Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again

18 мар 2021
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It was raining heavily, the poor injured dog was lying on the side of the road. A few kind villagers brought umbrella to cover the rain and food for him. The dog's both legs were chopped off, one leg was rotten and swollen with maggots. He was so scared and nervous, the poor dog has lost all faith in humans. Why Are Human Beings So Cruel?, How the poor dog could endure such pain.
In order to save him, the doctors had to amputate his legs. We named him Shanxin, we had to approach Shanxin slowly in trying to build his trust again.
Shanxin did not give up. He so fought hard to save his life. Having two legs didn't slow him down at all.
Rescue Poor Dog Who Had His Legs Cut Off, Now He Is So Happy To Run Again
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  • Its so sad that i cant tell if this is a real rescue or more animal abusers that put animals in harms way for views and money.

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  • Who could be so cruel to a helpless animal? If only we could save & protect them all. How would they like having their legs cut off & just left?

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  • Tem muita gente ruim nesse mundo, que não merece ser chamado de cristão. Animais é criação de Deus assim como o homem é todo universo. Essa maldade é uma monstruosidade e desrespeito ao criador que é Deus no dia do JUÍZO FINAL VÃO PRESTAREM CONTAS À DEUS.

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  • To the MAN who saved this precious dog may you be blessed with all good things in your life. I don't and can't understand why someone would do this to a defenseless animal. You are his angel, because of you he now can have some quality of life. He will forget the monster 😂 who did this to him. God bless you 🙏 and thanks for sharing 😀❣️❤️

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  • I’ve never known such a cruel story! The God’s Angel saved the dog and gave the hope for life. The kind Man, God blessed You.

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  • Quel douleur pauvre les humains certzins sont le diable pourquoi être aussi cruel c'est un chien gentil 😍

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  • Oh thank God it lived

  • Did the poor dog survive