Jaden - Photograph

22 фев 2021
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Jaden - Photograph (Official Music Video)
Official Music video for JADEN's Photograph
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She found a photograph
Known faces make her mad
Don’t care about all our fights
Or memories we had it in our bones
Baby girl we’re out of control
Wasting our energy
Woke up in Tennessee
Only you can piss me off
I’m staring at that hole inside my heart
But all we have is us
Cause you, you just found a special part of me
That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
If I can’t love you I guess I will drown
She found our photograph
These tears can’t hold them back
And when I sleep at night
The dreams I have I fantasize of you
Tell me what to do
Thought I might write a song
Hoped you might sing along
O girl my head is gone
Our Paris stay O incredible I know
Tell me where to go
Cause you, you just found a special part of me
That’s sinkin me by pulling me down
And you are in the middle of the ocean and I need you right now
If I can’t love you I guess I’ll drown
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  • Epic 🌊Shout Out To Justin Bieber For Being On Set With Me And Helping Me Film The Photograph Music Video Love You Bro.

    JadenJadenДень назад
    • 🥺💙

      serenityシserenityシ6 часов назад
    • Yooo great project. love the vibes you been putting out the past few years you on the verge of taking over the game bob!!🔥👍🏾

      Drew Garrett-StewartDrew Garrett-Stewart9 часов назад
    • Justin arrazo

      JenniferJennifer10 часов назад
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    • I Love You Jaden 🤍🔥

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  • Eu amo todas desse álbum

    Jesse ReisJesse Reis14 минут назад
  • Falling for you

    Biman KhatiBiman Khati18 минут назад
  • Вся эстетика мира - у джейдена и сам джейден.

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  • Good song and don't forget to subscribe nbt view and to share thenks

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  • This is my fav album, no cap

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  • Jaden, i fucking Love you

    Dany //-Dany //-56 минут назад
  • I can write a whole book about the palette and the cinematography

    Djo joDjo jo59 минут назад
  • This is some joji vibes

    jahedamilasan187jahedamilasan187Час назад
  • Beautiful 🤩

    Yann BunzllYann BunzllЧас назад
  • He sang too well in this video! If you are not admitting , ignore!!

    nijuo joingnijuo joingЧас назад
  • YES

    Erin ChanErin ChanЧас назад
  • Jaden needs soul...hes too young too have real emotion tbh goid voice but he still needs to learn how to use it.He can sing but can he act😉Lol Guess not☺he should beg post malone or cryptic wisdom to be their understudy so Jaden can improve...my message to him keep trying kid..

    Marley moeMarley moe2 часа назад
    • Que hermoso🤎

      nijuo joingnijuo joingЧас назад
  • anyone talking bout the girl?

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  • CTV3 > ERYS > SYRE

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  • You don't need anyone, you need yourself

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  • Life in a Year if you know, u know.

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  • Cuadrado eres tú

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  • Bruh stop with the hate the Karate kids jokes are not even funny anymore y’all don’t no where to stop fr

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  • We love your music here in Pluto, it keep us warm when there is cold❤

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  • you made it the mv, this song is my fav in the album

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  • I can see why yall like it

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  • ruworld.info/slow/video/xJ7UZoWMtW2yqI4

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  • I'm in Tears this is so Beautiful

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  • Lowkey sounds like xxxtentacion

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  • Greatest thing ever

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  • Dre Parker has grown up😢

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  • ruworld.info/slow/video/xnvWeKGDmKlrtKQ

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  • Muy buenas canciones pero muy cortas

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  • I have a friend who kill himself, and today i dreamed about him, then i listen to this song and reminds me of him somehow, and my suicide attemps, and my loneliness, and idk, i feel like i wanna live more now, Jaden did a good job w this one

    Bowie BreesBowie Brees9 часов назад
  • nice music video karate kid no really.. I love all of your music bro

    Ayasha LunettaAyasha Lunetta9 часов назад
  • *This Is Beautiful!🔉❤*

    Bass Fusion OfficialBass Fusion Official9 часов назад
  • man does jaden have any other songs like this? ive never really been a fan but this shit is fucking phenomenal.

    wayne renoldswayne renolds9 часов назад
  • Best song for my bithday

    Livvy's WorldLivvy's World9 часов назад
  • Iove your music

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  • I knew Jaden music since 2014, I never thought he would me turn into a fuckin´sad boy :((

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  • Because of the lyrics of this song, you got a subscriber from me

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  • hermosa cancion campeon

  • Jaden's whole aesthetic and sound is so beautiful 😍

    Mica_EditourMica_Editour11 часов назад
  • i cant watching this video on youtube because its the best that i have ever heard on youtube. thank Jaden Smith for the song. Love u ☺️😍👍👍

    Cab ZanCab Zan11 часов назад
  • te amo

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  • This nigga so talented

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  • Does anyone know what shirt he has on or is it custom made just for him?

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  • Jaden as a person is the soundtrack to my life. All the emotions man!!!

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  • The unsightly dredger postnatally interfere because battle bilaterally sprout atop a spotted increase. meaty, brainy course

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  • This man has come very far and I'm proud and happy for him

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