18 фев 2021
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  • is this a bad songs or a sex songs?

    marygrace diapanamarygrace diapana2 минуты назад
  • godddddd dammmmmmmmet I LOVE IT.😍

    pain makneypain makney2 минуты назад
  • this is title is a bad words it means god damn

    marygrace diapanamarygrace diapana3 минуты назад
  • 막내가 이러면 형들은 어떻게 할껀데 나 너무 궁금해 그냥 궁금해서 물어보는거야 나만 궁금한거 아니잖아

    이슬이슬5 минут назад
  • if u like the song i advice you to checkout the whole album cuz its a top tier sh*t

    Intan SafitriIntan Safitri16 минут назад
  • This song is hypnotising

    Nilima paulNilima paul17 минут назад

    Mekaela Dela CruzMekaela Dela Cruz22 минуты назад
  • i-

    SuntariiSuntarii27 минут назад
  • I need waterrrr!!!!!!! I.M is too hot 🥵

    Jepoy CarinoJepoy Carino34 минуты назад
  • Why he is so hot

    Im Ji HoIm Ji Ho37 минут назад
  • Hi, I'm from future and I'm pregnant thanks to I.M's songs

    Howdy my name's JaeHowdy my name's Jae44 минуты назад
  • woeh sooo fire omgggg-h I'm obsessed

    Yoongi lYoongi l46 минут назад
  • Çok iyi

    Høwłś Møvińg CàśťłéHøwłś Møvińg CàśťłéЧас назад
  • God damn it i'm obsessed

    jeongwoo's foot molejeongwoo's foot moleЧас назад

    amina farahamina farahЧас назад
  • God damn, this is soo goood!

    aku julietteaku julietteЧас назад
  • God Damn I'm obsessed with this song

    Kika ParkKika ParkЧас назад
  • Omg:)))💖

    gra dengra denЧас назад
  • Haven't listened to kpop for almost a year and now I'm back and I suddenly realize that this boy grew up so much... I'm very proud of you, Changkyun! 💜

    strawberrymoon_strawberrymoon_Час назад

    silni fadilasilni fadila2 часа назад
  • Luzen LuLuzen Lu2 часа назад
  • it gets better everytime i listen to it

    Aruzhan RakhimovaAruzhan Rakhimova2 часа назад
  • lets hit 2,5m today^^

    Aruzhan RakhimovaAruzhan Rakhimova2 часа назад
  • Affascinante✨✨

    xzRosaxzxzRosaxz2 часа назад
  • i love this guy so much!

    Arpita PatilArpita Patil2 часа назад
  • im here to stream everyday,at 1st i kinda not like it,but b*tch im addicted to this song

    ludoy entertainmentludoy entertainment2 часа назад
  • Omg 🙊

    《kard》《fan》《kard》《fan》2 часа назад
  • ❤️💜❤️💜

    tanypoptanypop2 часа назад
  • 2.432.312

    Melike_Seventeen_ CARATMelike_Seventeen_ CARAT2 часа назад
  • 3M fighting

    Melike_Seventeen_ CARATMelike_Seventeen_ CARAT2 часа назад
  • I keep falling in love with him more and more everyday

    061 Rhea dsouza061 Rhea dsouza2 часа назад

    Paola GarciaPaola Garcia2 часа назад
  • addicted

    Veronica DevalenciaVeronica Devalencia2 часа назад
  • i just like this kind of vibe

    anis sofiyaanis sofiya2 часа назад
  • this deserves more than the 2 million views it has istg

    yass quakeiplieryass quakeiplier2 часа назад
  • Hot bngt syg😅😍

    Maria RibkaMaria Ribka3 часа назад
  • I'm here again

    Jay NaimJay Naim3 часа назад
  • Bu şarkının bağımlısıyım öhöm niye bu kadar mükemmel tekrar tekrar tekrar...

    PinkRadiancePinkRadiance3 часа назад
  • Changkyun : "Kiss me down till I'm naked" Me : **gulps**

    •0ne and 0nly like a Holy••0ne and 0nly like a Holy•3 часа назад
  • Ayayayay 😍

    Yazmín CruzYazmín Cruz3 часа назад
  • damn boy!!! that's firing!!!

    Jeanine Da CostaJeanine Da Costa3 часа назад
  • I am so proud of you, Changkyun! giving us an masterpiece as always

    Aruzhan RakhimovaAruzhan Rakhimova3 часа назад
  • Perfection

    Olivia De la MoraOlivia De la Mora3 часа назад
  • always here for our talented changkyun. I'm so proud!

    grizzgrizz4 часа назад
  • Vamos monbebe rompamos los límites.

    Gerda oerstedGerda oersted4 часа назад
  • Yeah! ♡♡♡♡

    《•Yoo Kiki•》《•Yoo Kiki•》4 часа назад
  • Love this song so much

    Bianca P ReyesBianca P Reyes4 часа назад
  • I love u oppa💯♥️

    Sadaf ElyasiSadaf Elyasi4 часа назад
  • Güne im ile başlamak dengemi bozuyor benim r@ndom Günaydın Monbebe♡

    hülya coşgunhülya coşgun4 часа назад
  • Ya necesito ver los tres millones

    v 7w7v 7w75 часов назад
  • Flaco me encantas

    v 7w7v 7w75 часов назад
  • Baby so sexy baby you talking about me? im busy but i check you guys anytime when i have time i love you so much still love youu so much and im good. i hope u see this and please stay strong always it's nothing. u killing me im baby i always love u. you guys are best. do not anything make you down. im so proud of you love love kiss kiss

    사랑사랑5 часов назад
  • I’m here every hour but still not tired of this masterpiece

    Aruzhan RakhimovaAruzhan Rakhimova5 часов назад
  • God damn

  • on repeat so good

    Febe EunikeFebe Eunike5 часов назад
  • been streaming here or on spotify since this dropped and i'm still in love with everything about this (and going strong). i wish i could ask him about his process in creating this because OMFG HIS MIND. incredible.

    mingae 민개mingae 민개5 часов назад
  • ♥️♥️

    Kimm YuneeKimm Yunee5 часов назад
  • You are fantastic baby

    Kimm YuneeKimm Yunee5 часов назад
  • This song makes me addicted to listening to it all the time, Changkyun you have done your best🔥

    ohh salsaohh salsa5 часов назад
  • Новый фетиш: зубы I.M

    Dan AyukavaDan Ayukava5 часов назад
  • Я одна умираю с его зубов?

    Dan AyukavaDan Ayukava5 часов назад
    • не одна...

      Регина КамаловаРегина Камалова3 часа назад
  • Resumen de todo el álbum nuestro bebé por dentro se siente solo :( , en cada una de las 5 canciones hace referencia a la soledad :(:

    Abigail MarchandAbigail Marchand5 часов назад
  • Ya bu yabanci fanlar ne kadar zeki beklediler bizim gitmemizi sonra da en iyi yorumları doldurdular kendi yorumlarıyla

  • Stan IM CHANGKYUN Stan Monsta x

    mbbx 514mbbx 5145 часов назад
  • L escucharé hasta que sea viejita

    10kukis10kukis6 часов назад
  • mitooooo

    bebea.bebea.6 часов назад
  • His INSTAGRAM : imnameim Go digging there. Yes he is the BADASS in his group. His group is MONSTA X

    Anxious 7HeartAnxious 7Heart6 часов назад
  • God Damn i love you

    Yaretzi VazquezYaretzi Vazquez6 часов назад
  • god damn! i'm I'M i'm rapper!!

    siti mardheatul khasanahsiti mardheatul khasanah6 часов назад
  • 2.413.590

    KING MONSTA X in the houseKING MONSTA X in the house6 часов назад
  • I really hate the fact that the way starship treat changkyun is so unfair. Starship kept pushing changkyun to the back with no solo activity and no individual promotion for years, he literally has 0 public recognition in korea. All his mixtapes before had 0 promo and they didnt even put fly with me on spotify. But then he finally is gaining popularity during love killa (and it's all because of his own hardwork) and starship suddenly gave him model gigs to him even tho they still dont give him any variety show appearance or ost etc but this is still better than him being jobless for so many years . Changkyun deserves all the success coming to him and I think maybe this is the only way his company will start noticing his potential and treat him better. I wonder why starship is so biased to certain members? Is it hard to give equal promotions or at least some job instead of hiding him for this long?

    sasy sayssasy says6 часов назад
    • sse always use hin for their sake. bring him into MX in the middle because they know he can speak englisg well (but i ain't complaon about this. im glad they picked him) and yes.. after love killa than sse start to give IM more role in order to promote himself

      Anxious 7HeartAnxious 7Heart2 часа назад
  • I think I’m the one should take oxygen instead of I.m

    cathy avidcathy avid6 часов назад
  • Como changkyun biased me siento orgullosa wn, monbebe demosles mucho amor a nuestros chicos de Monsta X ♡

    Only MonbebeOnly Monbebe6 часов назад

    Angie CabzAngie Cabz6 часов назад
    • hehee its a masterpiece, please lets not put emojis beautiful,and loly, and sweet girl

      HyunWooBebe MHyunWooBebe M5 часов назад
  • wow 415k... likes fly with me will have many likes too

    Christensen ff Fra_naChristensen ff Fra_na6 часов назад
  • Le pidieron a Changkyun definir _DUALITY_ en tres palabras y eligió *«this is me»* (este/esto soy yo). Así que, por favor, disfruten mucho de todo el álbum, que es una carta abierta del _ser interior_ de Changkyun. :)

    Montserrat ArriagaMontserrat Arriaga6 часов назад
  • Changkyun world domination

    ashok khatriashok khatri6 часов назад
  • Everyone is like "CHANGKYUN SEXY YESSS" after watching this video meanwhile it makes me tear up every time. This music video is heartbreaking

    The NobodyThe Nobody6 часов назад
  • This helps me sleep 💤 it's so chill and relaxing to listen too I.M never fails to create great music

    Lizbeth GomezLizbeth Gomez6 часов назад
  • Господи, ты божественен!!!

    Anelya RahimzhanovaAnelya Rahimzhanova6 часов назад
  • 1:56 All I want to say is, this is my entire aesthetic. This MV perfectly catches that. I love grunge fashion, tattoos, piercings and I even prefer a partner that has tattoos and piercings. Like yess, whether it be boy, girl, trans, non binary--IDC. Falling in love first tho lol😂😂 omg I'm cringe bye.

    Chase Atlantic slutChase Atlantic slut7 часов назад
  • A R T E

    DeyaneiraDeyaneira7 часов назад
  • 2.4

    DeyaneiraDeyaneira7 часов назад
  • the whole video is the RUworld version of a tiktok thirst trap💀

    Lara 04Lara 047 часов назад
    • @nomu choa the fuck you want a thirst trap to be???? p0rn? lmao

      Lara 04Lara 042 часа назад
    • You call this a thirst trap 💀 weak

      nomu choanomu choa5 часов назад
  • Estoy muy orgullosa de vos Changkyun! Sos increíble en todas tus facetas

    기현Mel기현Mel7 часов назад
  • what would happend if you watch this in VR?

    Indi GoIndi Go7 часов назад
  • you’re adorable and cute and pretty and stunning and gorgeous and beautiful and handsome and just oh my gooooooosh ^^

    yeonjun made me straightyeonjun made me straight7 часов назад
  • nunca me voy a cansar de esta joyaaa

    god monstagod monsta7 часов назад
  • I.M WHYYYYYYYY????????

    Julibert PlandoJulibert Plando7 часов назад
  • From the first word he sang I was like yessss in love with it already.

    K SK S7 часов назад
  • ohh wow this is so good!! I.M really dropped a great song

    carat soupcarat soup7 часов назад
  • God damn.. I love it! This vibe sgkskjshjs

    Paulina SikoraPaulina Sikora7 часов назад
  • Always with you and Monsta X.

    kritokrito7 часов назад
  • Hope I.M gets to collab with all his dream artists. His sound is global.

    silvermoonbabysilvermoonbaby7 часов назад
    • Yeees! ❥

      DeyaneiraDeyaneira7 часов назад
  • am I on yt premium, or this song just free!!!?????

    HaillieHaillie8 часов назад

    xixiixcixixiixci8 часов назад
  • 2.400.853

    KING MONSTA X in the houseKING MONSTA X in the house8 часов назад
  • Masterpiece!!! Thank you Changkyunie!!!

    Nanda YKH xNanda YKH x8 часов назад
  • 👍👍♥️

    MilPitchaMilPitcha8 часов назад
  • Esta cancion tiene un flow muy pegadizo es arte, monbebe sigamos haciendo subir los números

    Kristel CordovaKristel Cordova8 часов назад