"Gone Away" | Dream SMP Original Song

2 апр 2021
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Song/Vocals by @CG5
Composed with @Axie
Guitars by @Ryan Lafford
Art by calybrii ▶ twitter.com/calybrii
Video Production by Andrew Duemig ▶ twitter.com/andrewduemig
Inspired by the Dream SMP Lore
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I see the face of peace on the horizon,
Rising in the east.
But it only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Now we got battle scars,
And freedom feels so far,
Tyranny was meant to be,
All that remains is an unfinished symphony.
He was so in love with chaos, I could never see.
Good things don't happen to heroes, just like you and me.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
These adventures are a gift,
And we will never drift
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.
It only took one moment,
Just one moment.
Our life and liberty,
And pursuit of victory gone,
The thing I built this nation for,
Doesn't exist anymore.
Gone away.


    TubboTubbo17 дней назад
    • Is this amogus?

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks17 дней назад
    • Tub-O

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks17 дней назад
    • Lol

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks17 дней назад
    • They disgnd tubbo so good

      Mazen MohamedMazen Mohamed17 дней назад
    • Lol

      Ro-BlocksRo-Blocks17 дней назад
  • why am i becoming sad thinking about L'Manburg

    dlmtodlmto15 минут назад
  • im gonna cry

    tommy's discstommy's discs16 минут назад
  • It would be awesome to see him make one of these songs but the animation was made by sad-ist, an awesome song with an awesome animation

    ViewslulViewslul58 минут назад
  • Okay, this is awesome, but I really wanna see a BNHA song!

    AneTheTeaBagAneTheTeaBag59 минут назад

    rdv ryanrdv ryanЧас назад
  • "i see the face of peace of on the horizon, rising in the east but it only took one moment just one moment" Wow, powerful CG5 I love the freaking song!

    Michaella Clare VerroyaMichaella Clare VerroyaЧас назад
  • EPIKKK!! Make More!

    greenleafysonicgreenleafysonicЧас назад
  • its a really sad song

    Blurp _Blurp _Час назад
  • 2:35 That drop is SO GOOD!! Gets me every single time

    Spooder-ManSpooder-ManЧас назад
  • tacoblode

    BakwettBakwett2 часа назад
  • I am so addicted to this song that I atleast come here once everyday😊😊

    Aryan SuryawanahiAryan Suryawanahi2 часа назад
  • Lol tubbo actually saw this!

    Nessa PaganYTNessa PaganYT2 часа назад
  • SING THE LYRICS (i see the face of peace on the horizon, rising in the east. but it only took one moment, just one moment!,- now we got battle scars-. and freedom feels so far, away!-------- tyranny was meant to be,- all that remains is an unfinished symphony,he was so in love with chaos-, i could never see.good thing's don't happen to heroes just like u and me it only took one moment-just one moment-this adventures are a gift, and we will never drift, AWAY!---the thing i built this nation for doesn't exist anymore,gone away!-it only took one moment just one moment, our life and liberty and pursuit of victory gone, AWAY!- the thing i built this nation for doesn't exist anymore,gone away.)

    DogkityDogkity2 часа назад
  • the art is very, very good though. i think tubbo looks glorious in here

    Aiyuki KatsumeAiyuki Katsume2 часа назад
  • i love this

    Miles1rMiles1r2 часа назад
  • 1:41. He said it! Ha he said the thing!

    JackZJackZ3 часа назад
  • Who also think of mommyinit when tommyinnits mom calls him

    farid 52farid 523 часа назад
  • My l'Manberg.......

    GameXQGameXQ3 часа назад
  • This is too epic! I listen to this every morning for ya!

    BopTenVNBopTenVN3 часа назад
  • Listen to this on 1.5 speed

    UndeadZamboiiiUndeadZamboiii4 часа назад
  • I feel like it's bad that I always cry to this because it's so amazing, arts the best, music is yes. idk I have it on loop now TwT

    Piper SmithPiper Smith4 часа назад
  • ''Good things don't happen to heroes just like you and me'' I like that line

    SkyverSkyver5 часов назад
  • This is the type of song that gets better everytime you listen to it

    Fat CorgiFat Corgi5 часов назад
  • im actualy crying

    LUNOXY65LUNOXY655 часов назад
  • VERY good you make the BEST song’s

    Jasen WatsonJasen Watson6 часов назад
  • make more song pls

    Khair frostKhair frost6 часов назад
  • Can we just appreciate the art for a second

    Meike’sMusicMeike’sMusic7 часов назад
  • This makes me feel sad ;(

    Caleb EgbertCaleb Egbert7 часов назад
  • where is BIG Q

    RunboyxRunboyx8 часов назад
  • Children before first day of school:I see the face of peace over by the horizon, Rising in East. Same children on their first day of:but it took one moment, Of school. Just one moment. Now we got writing scars, And freedom feels so far, AWAY

    Kidiga kilwayeKidiga kilwaye8 часов назад
  • This almost brought a tear to my eye, and I don't cry and never once watched dream and his friends.

    Noah OakleyNoah Oakley8 часов назад

    Lesha TobolinLesha Tobolin9 часов назад
  • gone away

    Lesha TobolinLesha Tobolin9 часов назад
  • Crab rave

    Hidden.Hidden.9 часов назад
  • Gnarly

    Penguin GuyPenguin Guy9 часов назад
  • Get your im here before '1k dislikes' ticket here

    Leanne SwallowLeanne Swallow10 часов назад
  • omg this give the chills

    Z3FTZ3FT11 часов назад
  • This is the only video on RUworld I can watch in 2160p

    cat godcat god11 часов назад
  • This is epic

    Ceramic tileCeramic tile11 часов назад
  • bye l'manberg..

    FarCool147FarCool14711 часов назад
  • Hear me out Gone Away x My L'manberg

    • Cold_Sapphire •• Cold_Sapphire •12 часов назад
    • Y E S

      awildamberawildamber2 часа назад
  • E - P - I - C

    Coaster RiderCoaster Rider12 часов назад
  • the awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay is too epic bruv

    Shaheen DhiaulhaqShaheen Dhiaulhaq13 часов назад
  • somebody had an epileptic seizure I think watching this

    o8o813 часов назад
    • Wh

      TheRandomGamerTheRandomGamer12 часов назад
  • This is the only song I've heard since this came out other then spotlight and thats what I do by axie

    SplatySplaty13 часов назад
  • Wow awesome song I’m reacting to it with friends no post on yt tho even tho I’m yt

    Jillian ShuttleworthJillian Shuttleworth13 часов назад
  • Dream smp finally has a song!

    StormBloxStormBlox13 часов назад
  • EPIC!!!!

    SorcerSorcer13 часов назад
  • Love it. One of my favourite songs. :) Keep up the good work CG5

    Paul LeePaul Lee13 часов назад
  • when he says "away" it gives me an ancient vibe, kind of like somebody is telling their kids about the story of lmanberg and it's fall

    Red ColorRed Color14 часов назад

    Tom The alcoholic!!Tom The alcoholic!!14 часов назад
  • Tubbo :’)

    Cloudii NightsCloudii Nights15 часов назад
  • If Disney wanted to make a Dream SMP movie this would be the main song Andi love it.

    FirezoneFirezone15 часов назад
  • My favourite line is the "the thing I build this nation for doesn't exist anymore gone away" btw Keep doing songs Cg5 it's cool

    Darkplayz RblxDarkplayz Rblx15 часов назад
  • 👍

    Oscar MarkosOscar Markos15 часов назад
  • This is so good!

    DenvaDenva16 часов назад

    Mynia321Mynia32116 часов назад
  • De que trata? De 2B2T

    ArzenArzen17 часов назад
  • charlie : "the thing i built this nation for doesn't exist anymore" & "good thing don't happen to hero's" Me : REFERENCE!!!

    Candy GoreCandy Gore18 часов назад
  • damn this song is as terrible as the dream smp

    give moneygive money18 часов назад
    • So it's good asf? Also if you don't like it, leave he put a lot of effort into this song

      awildamberawildamber2 часа назад
    • So it's great?

      • Cold_Sapphire •• Cold_Sapphire •12 часов назад
  • the very THING I built this nation for doesn't exist anymore... I AM SO GLAD THAT THEY ADDED THAT INTO THE SONG

    Lps SpotLps Spot19 часов назад
  • Still better than dreams music though

    David SchnittgerDavid Schnittger20 часов назад
  • es hermoso :"v

    jhon y sus panasjhon y sus panas21 час назад

  • looks like techno has the high ground

    Gio BoiGio Boi22 часа назад
  • this song made me feel emotions i did'nt know existed

    Zachary ThomasZachary Thomas22 часа назад
  • welcome to the cul- FANDOM CG5!... _(100% fandom)_

    Sakura tempestSakura tempest22 часа назад
  • There is a problem with the song IT ENDS

    Eliel Quinones VarelaEliel Quinones Varela22 часа назад
  • This song is so fuckin good

    nathan gensnathan gens22 часа назад

    PijinPijin22 часа назад
  • I hate this 👎👎👎

    Vincea HibbetsVincea Hibbets23 часа назад
    • Hhahahahahahahaha this is popular 100k likes you stupid guy! Dislikes 960!

      sparklessparkles10 часов назад
    • @KatWasTaken true

      sparklessparkles10 часов назад
    • If you hate it then you should : 1. Keep YOUR opinions to YOURSELF 2. LEAVE this MAN alone 3. DON'T comment and LEAVE the video (that's some advice for you, you're welcome.)

      KatWasTakenKatWasTaken18 часов назад
  • Build key: when you hear "Now we got battle scars" it's which is based on the lmanburgian battle of independence. When you hear this quote"The thing I built this nation for, doesn't exist anymore, it means about the time Wilbur Soot blew up Lmanburg. When you hear "He was so in love with chaos I could never see", it talks about Tommyinnit's insecure nature and starting wars. When you hear "nothing good happens to heros, just like you and me," it's a direct quote that Technoblade said after the death of Jschalt to attempt to convince everyone the government was their issue. I hope you understand now.

    Equal 99Equal 9923 часа назад
  • I feel like hearing this till im deaf :)

    Jerald Jiss 15529Jerald Jiss 1552923 часа назад
  • GG song

    no nameno nameДень назад
  • i always wanted to be a artist like you

    Harry BennettHarry BennettДень назад
  • This is my favorite

    Elino jr AndalesElino jr AndalesДень назад
  • I don't get this nerdy stuff what is happening

    dotComDotCom 69dotComDotCom 69День назад
    • Ok

      dotComDotCom 69dotComDotCom 6911 часов назад
    • Just look up "Dream SMP" and click something explaining it

      • Cold_Sapphire •• Cold_Sapphire •12 часов назад
  • I rlly wanted to cry

    HAMZT3RHAMZT3RДень назад
  • boppin now we do a CG5, Derivikat, And Sad-ist collab

    elnard luiseelnard luiseДень назад
  • Hit the arrow notes and win

    Lolxlol7272 7Lolxlol7272 7День назад
  • Lmanburg is gon

    L1TEL1TEДень назад

    Malachi GainesMalachi GainesДень назад
  • can make roblox music

    jojoza12jojoza12День назад
  • Im not a dream smp fan, but this is a literal bop.

    Grim BlobGrim BlobДень назад
  • I love how this is the dream smp and dream doesn't come out for one shot

    Khaled Al-AskariKhaled Al-AskariДень назад
  • nice song

    CaramalCaramalДень назад
  • I love the backround So much love it

    Zairuz RevamuntanZairuz RevamuntanДень назад
  • Can we have a minute of silent for SapNap.

    CapTainUniCornZCapTainUniCornZДень назад
  • e

    Marilin MaercadoMarilin MaercadoДень назад
  • “The thing I built this nation for doesn’t exist anymore” this just this amazing that’s what Wilbur said in the destruction of L’manburg

    GaMagicScienceGaMagicScienceДень назад
  • Хух, мощная мелодия. Очень красиво.

    _ Aki __ Aki _День назад
  • Would be cool if there would be more frames... But it's still relaxing! 1:40: "The thing that I built this nation for doesn't exist anymore." - WilburSoot

    Greg UmaliGreg UmaliДень назад
  • This is my new fav song

    IsadoraPlayzIsadoraPlayzДень назад
  • Tubbo:I like da bee!*cries* Tommy:I hate Technoblade Ima kill him Techno:I hate Tommy Ima summon Withers to kill him Dream:*watching intensify* Everyone else:Fights Techno+Dream

    No Content At AllNo Content At AllДень назад

    Maryam Ibrahim SalimMaryam Ibrahim SalimДень назад
  • best cg5 song evr

    mustafa shaikhmustafa shaikhДень назад
  • .... Why does it feel like i'm gonna cry Forever.?

    Bacon's SweaterBacon's SweaterДень назад
    • Same :(

      ZurielisBoredZurielisBoredДень назад
  • I got addicted to this song now

    Lisa Loves MusicLisa Loves MusicДень назад
  • This is why CG5 should’ve been whitelisted to the SMP

    AlexPlayzAlexPlayzДень назад
    • @ZurielisBored - POV :

      AlexPlayzAlexPlayz11 часов назад
    • Sad music while war happens ;(

      ZurielisBoredZurielisBoredДень назад