강승윤(KANG SEUNG YOON) - '아이야 (IYAH)' M/V

29 мар 2021
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강승윤(KANG SEUNG YOON) - '아이야 (IYAH)'
아 난 왜 이럴까?
내일은 잘하자
애써 맘을 다잡아봐도
자꾸만 작아진다
야 시간아 좀만
천천히 가라
요즘 부쩍 널 따라가기가
조금씩 벅차다
시간이 지나면 지날수록
세상은 내게
더 많은 걸 강요해
나 하나도 힘든데
나보고 어쩌라고
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
아 또 이렇게 난
제자리 걸음마
뗐다 생각하고 뒤돌면
한숨만 날 기다린다
야 동생아 좀만
천천히 와라
널 마주치기에 아직
내 모습이 초라하다
시간이 지나면 지날수록
세상은 내게
더 많은 걸 강요해
나 하나도 힘든데
나보고 어쩌라고
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
먹고 싶어 먹은 나이가 아닌데
아직 내게 술은 쓰기만 한데
열일곱에 내가 어제처럼 선명한데
난 아직 아이야이야
우리 엄마 눈엔
보이는 게 다 아니아니야
아직 어린데
실수 좀 하면 어때
난 아직 아이야이야
모진 세상 속에
부담주지 마이야이야
나도 사람인데
어떻게 다 잘해
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  • Wow 😲 The song is so good 💕💕 The lyrics are also very meaningful He definitely has amazing voice ❤

    Harshita RawatHarshita Rawat2 минуты назад
  • I'm feeling a little down and this song comfort me a lot.

    Karla RamírezKarla Ramírez4 минуты назад
  • But when are they going to change IYAH to CHILD in the subtitle

    bea sbea s16 минут назад
  • Hi hi! Semangat ya guys :*

    four bluefour blue32 минуты назад
  • Non-Koreans fans: I LOVE YOU (not understanding what he’s saying) American-Koreans fans: I’m still a kid I understand him Ik how it feels ✨😭✌🏻✨

    Sarah KimSarah Kim37 минут назад
  • Yoon..you deserve a lot of attention! This lyrics comfort me a lot. Thank you for this...Well, time to do homeworks now

    ItzZenday YTItzZenday YTЧас назад
  • who’s here? 👇🏻

    w i n dw i n dЧас назад
  • Plz stay well my Kang chip 🥺 you have done so well WINNER’s leader ^^

    Mai Lê ÁnhMai Lê ÁnhЧас назад
  • 나는 사업속에 있어 아이야

    사람.사람.Час назад
  • Should i run out of words to say and starts to comment nonsense here pls forgive me and just look away sksksks

    GRACEGRACEЧас назад
    • Wow..you are still here

      ItzZenday YTItzZenday YTЧас назад
  • Iyah hits hard everytime i watch the mv٫ read the trans lyrics and listen to it 🤧

    jinwhotrash xxjinwhotrash xxЧас назад
  • SHawol here - I’m adopting this talented kid - love this song it’s so satisfying. Great job & I’m sure he’ll only get better

    Ro VonRo Von2 часа назад
  • Hey shawols, u read this? Thank u so much for the love and support for seungyoonie 🤧💙

    MonologeeksMonologeeks2 часа назад
  • Duh adem bgt

    Chrystia_Chrystia_2 часа назад
  • Teman bang yoon pasti bahagia punya teman sebaik bang yoon.. :')

    Chrystia_Chrystia_2 часа назад
  • Malam bang yoon :')

    Chrystia_Chrystia_2 часа назад
  • 오빠 사랑해❤️

    gysmy ingysmy in2 часа назад
  • The whole album is such a therapy. I love it so much.

    Lydie BeaverhausenLydie Beaverhausen2 часа назад
  • SEUNGYOON also has singles before IYAH: It Rains (Rock Ballad Genre) Wild & Young (Rock) You (R&B) Can You Hear Me (KAIROS ost)

    Syifa TiaraSyifa Tiara4 часа назад
  • 947,557 fighting ics

    Syifa TiaraSyifa Tiara4 часа назад
  • shawol here again after yesterday. i love his music but can someone recommend any shows etc that he’s on (where i can see his personality etc)

    a ya y4 часа назад
    • Definitely the 4 prequels to the Page album on Winner’s YT Channel where he just candidly talks about the last 10 years of his career. Lyrics Helper episodes on YT where he reveals a lot of his personality. Winner Over Flowers with NA PD where all of Winner are dropped off in Australia to survive and reveals a lot of Seungyoon as leader and how much he cares for his members

      Kat KatKat Kat18 минут назад
    • And thank you for checking him out

      AkiAki49 минут назад
    • You know, now that you asked, I realised that there really aren't many shows where Seungyoon is on his own except for vocal/music based shows and on those he's there as a performer. Or when he's being the (temporary) DJ on radio shows. He's always on variety show with other Winner members. Your best bet is probably by googling for WLSY subs, they're a Seungyoon fanbase who have subbed some of his TV shows appearances over the years. As others have mentioned the show Secret Garden is really nice, but the subs available for that show is really sparse, which is a pity since it's actually an interesting show where the hosts analyse the guests' personality. And also Flower Crew, it's from way back in 2016 though. Although it's a music show too, War of Villains is really interesting. Other that that though, shows with Winner. Half Moon Friends Winner Over Flowers (highly recommended) Winner Weekly Idol episode Idol Room Winner Summer Vacation videos Their Seezn vacations too. Edit: Ah, The Prequel videos on this channel preceding this album release show a glimpse of who he was/is over the years in his own words.

      AkiAki52 минуты назад
    • Once you knew their personality, you will also want to treasure them and you will become innercircle too. I'm a fan of other group but when I watched their variety shows and listen to their music, gosh I really love them and I want to protect them.

      Angelica SabileAngelica Sabile2 часа назад
    • you can try watching him on Kpop Lyrics Helper. he's so mature & sweet, plus they also covered Taemin's Criminal.

      alice chaealice chae2 часа назад
  • Hello ! A Shawol here to support KSY

    Moon DropMoon Drop4 часа назад
  • 야 시간아 좀만 천천히 가라 요즘 부쩍 널 따라가기가 조금씩 벅차다--- 요즘 내맘😭

    spage ynspage yn5 часов назад
  • Wow! Shawols showering Yoon with love. Thank you!!!

    Gee A.Gee A.6 часов назад
  • This is such a beautiful song. I am not even a fan of Winner but I know for sure that they deserve more recognition than what they already have. I am a fan of Blackpink and as a fan I wish they have more artistic freedom to release songs like this one. I am thankful for what BP has released recently but as a fan I feel sad that they are almost a 5 year old group with 26 songs! That is just sooooo frustrating to think about. YGE have so many great artists like winner, ikon and Akmu, and all their other artists that are not given the chance to promote much. Yg seriously needs to let their artists show their full potential we just know that there's more than what they already gave. From what I know I think he waited for 8 years to release this one? I just wish for more success to all YG artists because they deserve it.

    LKDLLKDL6 часов назад
  • I love how he put his heart in this song 🥺 ahhh i love you SEUNGYOON!

    Alyssa CAlyssa C7 часов назад
  • Shawol here bcos of ending fairy.. Beautiful song

    Shinee ForeverShinee Forever7 часов назад
    • Thank u so much. Power to Shinee too.

      marg gregmarg gregЧас назад
  • I missed this kind of songs 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    moon 2moon 27 часов назад
  • I am sobbing 😭

    moon 2moon 27 часов назад
  • I am shawol and now i am here fall in love with you KSY. Thanks for the song ♡ you did well

    Lestary simanjuntakLestary simanjuntak7 часов назад
    • Thank u

      marg gregmarg gregЧас назад
  • This song have a deep message for every age ....... so beautiful

    Alma ShahzadAlma Shahzad7 часов назад
  • KAJJA 11M

    aery is goodaery is good8 часов назад
  • I can relate to this so much, im proud of you always ic, now and forever.

    Aluminum BrewAluminum Brew8 часов назад
  • Dikit lagi 11M park inseo,, semangat

    mmm _mmm _9 часов назад
  • We welcome you warmly Shawols, thx for coming here and put such a beautiful words for him. Sincerely, InnerCircle 💙💙💙

    Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong9 часов назад
  • 939,430

    Mimi xxiMimi xxi9 часов назад
  • lagunya itu ngena bgt gitu aku kalo liat livenya suka pengen nangis soalnya yoon sunbaenim nyanyinya ngefeel bgt ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    treasure makertreasure maker9 часов назад
  • I came here after seeing his ending fairy for shineee......beautiful song and the lyrics ♥️......hope you have a beautiful career ahead of you seungwoon and stay happy and healthy 💕

    noopzzz_ shineenoopzzz_ shinee9 часов назад
    • @Hana Nina aah yesss😅so sorry

      noopzzz_ shineenoopzzz_ shinee54 минуты назад
    • *seungyoon 😊

      Hana NinaHana Nina59 минут назад
  • a bit more and we hit 11M guys, 20 ICs did that. anyway, should we stop with the 20 ICs joke? cos ktown took it seriously with their fansign event T-T eyy

    it's pevsit's pevs9 часов назад
  • 10,938,954 aww this song is making me cryingggg

    NoorLiana MahmudNoorLiana Mahmud9 часов назад
  • I know him through drama prison playbook later i find out he is winner member! And today i saw his ending fairy message ‘SHINee is Back’, as SHINee fans now i can’t help but cheer on him!!Here i am today and all i can say, wow you are a great singer!! Since he’s from YG and winner, i thought he will sing more upbeat song but here we are and surprisingly this song is good!!give me soothing vibe & some brit pop band laid back song feeling !!I wish YG push him more with promotion, he and winner deserve it!

    ByNemonemoByNemonemo9 часов назад
    • Thank you so much

      Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong9 часов назад
  • This the type of song you can sit back n chill n have a couple beers and talk to your love one or friends about the old day's 😊

    Jackie VangJackie Vang9 часов назад
  • Came here after seeing his shinee's back ending fairy and I end up enjoying the song 😊

    GelaiGelai9 часов назад
  • 10,938,579 Shawols over here!!! Lets go get 11M!!

    NoorLiana MahmudNoorLiana Mahmud9 часов назад
  • Duh mo nangis :'(

    Chrystia_Chrystia_9 часов назад
  • i know yg bad at promoting, but damn, i dont know being this bad

    2020- syifa nabila2020- syifa nabila10 часов назад
  • the comment sections full of shawols is so heartwarming omg thank you shawols

    VernVern10 часов назад
  • i'm a shawol and i support this!!

    Bea Jeryca VaronaBea Jeryca Varona10 часов назад
  • menyentuh sekalii:)

    Hamada PutriHamada Putri10 часов назад
  • Just check out seungyoon because he's support SHINee Thank you

    5HINee x Daebak5HINee x Daebak10 часов назад
  • Thank you. seung yoon for ending fairy We Love you boyieee 💙

    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yoursSHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours10 часов назад
  • Really a talanted artist Goodluck for feture boy My best wishes is with you Sending love from shawol 💎

    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yoursSHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours10 часов назад
  • iyah means??????

    lilienne ylenalilienne ylena10 часов назад
    • child. also it's a sound you make when you feel pain

      MilMil9 часов назад
    • Child 🙂

      22 hooo22 hooo10 часов назад
  • 10 937 661

    BethSpainBethSpain10 часов назад
  • Siang bang

    Citraa3Citraa310 часов назад
  • 10.936.795 x

    caroline ketigacaroline ketiga10 часов назад
  • Wasn't usually a Korean song listener but now that I found gems like him,I'm ready !!💗

    Yirmi KashungYirmi Kashung11 часов назад
    • yes yes yes im so glad. he's the leader and main producer for his group WINNER, you should check that out as well :). to get to know him, more you can watch the 4 episodes of The Prequel on this channel :)!

      rrrenniw XXrrrenniw XX10 часов назад
  • albumnya bang yoon enak semuaaa 😭

    hanbinie131hanbinie13111 часов назад
  • if you're here doing the rotation, I just wanna say thank you and even though there might only be a few of us, im so proud of us I hope more ICs will do so because seungyoon is still promoting and he deserves all the support

    rrrenniw XXrrrenniw XX11 часов назад
  • i didnt even know he released a song until i saw his shinee is back ending fairy video on twitter T.T am i just living under the rock or was the promotion shit??? anyways, KANG SEUNGYOON SOLOOOOOO

    GwynGwyn11 часов назад
    • the promotion was and is definitely shit. every time he appears in tv, sokor would be surprised and say they didn't know he came and it would also rise drastically in the charts. yg is doing really bad in promoting this comeback he doesn't deserve it at all :((. thank you for coming here though to check it out!!

      rrrenniw XXrrrenniw XX11 часов назад
  • Shawol here- I saw his mucore performance too before (and now inki) and i actually loved it! This song is a banger it's going on my playlist

    KkaKka12 часов назад
    • Tq dear shawol..ic will really appreciate your support

      vera yonathanvera yonathan9 часов назад
    • I'm here too 💙

      SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yoursSHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours10 часов назад
  • Aweee this song is sooo beautifulllll !!!! Thank you for supporting SHINee ♡ We shawols will always be rooting for you

    Swetha AshokanSwetha Ashokan12 часов назад
    • Hann

      SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yoursSHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours10 часов назад
  • Thank you to all the Shawols for all the support towards my lovely Yoon and our fandom. He always goes out his way to support others.

    Venessa VVenessa V12 часов назад
  • Thank you for support our boy KANG SEUNGYOON..

    Aa JinuAa Jinu12 часов назад

    Aa JinuAa Jinu12 часов назад
  • 😭😭😭😭 please take care seung yoon oppa i feel like he is in the hardest time

    B2uty MelodyB2uty Melody12 часов назад
  • The tittle is IYAH but if u tried to search for it .. the suggest show 'Kang seung yoon - Ah '

    B2uty MelodyB2uty Melody12 часов назад
    • @rrrenniw XX ohh 👍

      B2uty MelodyB2uty Melody10 часов назад
    • RUworld music put ah at first now they fixed it after a while. I think that’s how the searches came to be.. it’s really frustrating but I’m glad people are still finding this

      rrrenniw XXrrrenniw XX12 часов назад
  • 935

    ChrystiaKimChrystiaKim12 часов назад
    • 938

      Chrystia_Chrystia_9 часов назад
  • Kenapa lagu di album bang yoon enak semua

    ChrystiaKimChrystiaKim12 часов назад
  • i don't know winner or the members well at all other than i have heard of the group but iyah really caught my attention and i have it on my playlist...i really am digging this song and mood! Awesome song! KSY fighting!

    CCCC12 часов назад
    • Try to check his other new songs in his album, PAGE. All are amazing songs! 🔥

      Angelica SabileAngelica Sabile10 часов назад
  • Selamat morning bang yoon

    ChrystiaKimChrystiaKim12 часов назад
  • I'm a SHAWOL here after Seung Yoon ending fairy. Such a very beautiful and meaningful song. It's so truthful and lovely, his words are inspirational and honest. Seung Yoon voice is beautiful. Thank you

    SHINee_HIGHLIGHT_NCT 4reverSUJUSHINee_HIGHLIGHT_NCT 4reverSUJU13 часов назад
  • Shawol here again and again. I already loved him after knowing him from high kick 3. the voice is just wow. So much love to winner and inner circles.

    Taemin ChorussTaemin Choruss13 часов назад
    • Thank u thank u

      marg gregmarg gregЧас назад
  • Hello, a Shawol here 💎, I just came back from watching many of Winner videos and some album tracks. You guys are super super talented and hardworking!! You brought me back to one of my fav WINNER song back in the day, Empty too

    Kiv Bui StudioKiv Bui Studio13 часов назад
    • @Kat Kat I totally feel you, our artists and us fandoms unite is the most wholesome feelings ever. We shall keep it up! Go go Inner Circle 💙, Go go Shawol 💎

      Kiv Bui StudioKiv Bui Studio11 часов назад
    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, it means so much!! It is a breath of fresh air to have interactions like this with another fandom 😭 I have always liked Shinee’s music and will continue to support them.

      Kat KatKat Kat12 часов назад
  • Shawol here to support seungyoon, I love him as an actor as well. Fighting!!

    RYZCHRYZCH13 часов назад
  • كانق سنقيون يا حبيب عيني♥️

    ReemReem13 часов назад
  • 爱了

    fei xiefei xie13 часов назад
  • I want to thank all shawols who came and will come here. Thank you for your warm words which represent your warm heart. Glad to know that you love and enjoy this song. Yes, this man is a talented and gifted musician. Thank you so much, and we'll support SHINee's cb as well... *InnerCircle

    Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong13 часов назад

    rrrenniw XXrrrenniw XX13 часов назад
  • Yoon hug me

    Beti HutasoitBeti Hutasoit14 часов назад
  • The lyrics, tysm yoon

    iKON'S Goodbye RoadiKON'S Goodbye Road14 часов назад
  • I took the time to appreciate the wonderful voice you have, my ears were blessed

    Cabrera Chi KarenCabrera Chi Karen14 часов назад
  • I can genuinely feel the warmth and kindness of Shawols, y'all are such a sweet fandom, thank you so much for watching this MV, appreciating Seungyoon's vocals and showering him with so much love and praise. We aren't used to this kind of sweet gesture from other fandoms , coz other YG fandoms keep hating on W 😅 so this is such a pleasant experience for us, thank you once again Shawols you guys are the sweetest 💙 P.S. I've been listening to Atlantis and Don't call me since yesterday, those songs are so addictive ❤️

    sadiya rsadiya r14 часов назад
    • Our captain is accepting warm love from shawols. Thx shawols.

      Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong13 часов назад
  • ART

    Lea LimaLea Lima14 часов назад
  • 933

    Ziaco2Ziaco214 часов назад
  • Wow shawols really sweet and yes Seungyoon is also a shawol

    Just JennieJust Jennie15 часов назад
  • Thank you shawol.....💙💙💙💙... streaming....ty & Spotify...

    Mendy RusianaMendy Rusiana15 часов назад
  • this is so comforting..

    Nadhira Salsabila SadiqahNadhira Salsabila Sadiqah15 часов назад
  • thank you for loving IYAH ✨

    w i n dw i n d15 часов назад
  • 10 932 833

    BethSpainBethSpain15 часов назад
  • Thank for ending fairy supporting our boys SHINee. As a shawol, I want to support him too. I love this song really beautiful and I've always liked the winner songs💙

    skykey SWskykey SW15 часов назад
    • Thank you for yall warm love shawols... We'll support shinee as well as too.

      Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong13 часов назад
    • Thank you so much 🙏🏻

      sadiya rsadiya r14 часов назад
  • 932.703. Fighting Inseo

    xXx CecilliaxXx Cecillia15 часов назад
  • the song is sooo nice and his voice is amazing wow.. im gonna check his album now ^^... thank you for supporting SHINee Kang Seung Yoon fighting!!

    Irina TMIrina TM15 часов назад
    • Hope you enjoy all the songs... Thank you.

      Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong13 часов назад
  • shawol is here to support Seungyoon since he just support our shinee💞💞💞Anyway what a vocal king he is, this song is masterpiece!!!

    hoonanana _hoonanana _16 часов назад
    • Thank you so much... We'll support Shinee's cb too... *InnerCircle

      Mrs. Ermika SimangunsongMrs. Ermika Simangunsong13 часов назад
  • Thank you for doing the shinee is back! We will support you!

    Natasya KhaiririNatasya Khairiri16 часов назад
  • Shawol here giving some love. The beaitiful lyrics tho. This needs to be said a little louder. People need to hear it more. ♡

    D BD B17 часов назад
    • Thank you so much ♡

      sadiya rsadiya r14 часов назад
    • thank you, i’ve enjoyed atlantis too!

      azlinrdzazlinrdz16 часов назад
  • Morning Stre4ms

    Syifa TiaraSyifa Tiara17 часов назад
  • reading the comments shawols left ah yall are the sweetest 😭

    farhahxoxofarhahxoxo17 часов назад
  • Mashiho and Junkyu's voices sounded clear😀❤️

    darkjuseyodarkjuseyo18 часов назад
    • but yoon's 10 different voice layered together so how can

      hani yoonhani yoon10 часов назад
  • Selamat subuh bang

    Citraa3Citraa318 часов назад