Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit

23 янв 2021
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Eminem - Higher (Official Music Video)
Music video by Eminem performing Higher. © 2021 Marshall B. Mathers III, under exclusive license to Interscope Records

  • I don't like em with a beard.....

    RomperstiznRomperstizn41 минуту назад
  • I wish Eminem will make a collab with Ez Mil...the boy is obviously influenced by him.. slim as usual, always on 🔥🔥🔥

    LinkLinkЧас назад
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    Jordan LeahyJordan LeahyЧас назад
  • I love this song,but I love Eminem!!!!!!!!FOREVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lejla SalihovićLejla SalihovićЧас назад
  • Fucking love you man I've been listening to you since I was little

    Raymond BrownRaymond BrownЧас назад
  • I always love how em states it doesn't matter I think mind over matter how strong r u r u a body or Do u got soul soul over body ur mind is stronger than your body your body ain't Shi whithout it so remember treat the soul 1st everything else comes into place

    Larry NarcisoLarry NarcisoЧас назад
  • Skit goes from 2:13- 3:54

    JRaptorJRaptor2 часа назад
  • eminem should be a genre

    mukhriz arshadmukhriz arshad2 часа назад
  • The King!

    Kity CatyKity Caty3 часа назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gaming with AbhinandanGaming with Abhinandan4 часа назад
    • Came here from the tone-deaf music video

      Robert Germain IIRobert Germain II3 часа назад
  • Don't get me wrong this is good as he got older and wiser but seems a bit soft like he is holding back what he can really do. He got to make more friends and become nicer then when he started.

    zhellsfuryangelzhellsfuryangel4 часа назад
  • im iranian....im love you eminem..im in the future will be actor and i come to you ...you help me👌👌👌👊✊👊

    Mahdi vatankhahMahdi vatankhah5 часов назад
  • Other people : Can someone please tell me the cure for a broken Heart! Me with a shattered heart : *I JUST LISTEN TO EMINEM*

    GNS-KAKVUGNS-KAKVU6 часов назад
    • @GNS-KAKVU most definitely check out the songs check the vibe, University of life and Skyline 2 in no particular order also check out his song little man

      Robert Germain IIRobert Germain II3 часа назад
    • @Robert Germain II you learn new things everyday,

      GNS-KAKVUGNS-KAKVU3 часа назад
    • I listen to Chris Webby I think they should collaborate

      Robert Germain IIRobert Germain II3 часа назад
  • This is amazing

    Just your normal CanadianJust your normal Canadian7 часов назад
  • My ma was your nurse at brigton hospital.

    Wesidewes 1Wesidewes 17 часов назад

    NintenDURR YtNintenDURR Yt7 часов назад
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    Lopchan LamaLopchan Lama7 часов назад
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    Emmons LeroyEmmons Leroy7 часов назад
  • I like the fact that 98.8% of people who reacted to the video liked it and only 1.2% didn't (yes i did the math)

    Georgi CanovGeorgi Canov7 часов назад
  • Eminem is The Best Rapper Of All Time

    Rama RamatuRama Ramatu8 часов назад
  • SAO Paulo

    Cristina Sousa SousaCristina Sousa Sousa8 часов назад
  • How has this not got 1mill likes ?

    Ty StanleyTy Stanley8 часов назад

    himari rikuhimari riku9 часов назад
  • .

    ufc wweufc wwe9 часов назад
  • I learn more life lessons than any other place on how to live and survive. This is the OG. Don't deny!

    AlejandroAlex MunozAlejandroAlex Munoz9 часов назад
  • No ceiling for you!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    DawnMC LoveVirusWonDawnMC LoveVirusWon10 часов назад
  • Goodbye mmblerp

    Glen TVGlen TV10 часов назад
  • Shoutout

    Glen TVGlen TV10 часов назад
  • We need caption for this one too😂😂 shame on me

    Gameboy DarkGameboy Dark10 часов назад
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    Adeoba AdeoluAdeoba Adeolu10 часов назад
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    Mr DoctorMr Doctor11 часов назад
  • Best music ever!

    Andrei StoicaAndrei Stoica12 часов назад
  • This would have probably been another number one hit on all the radio stations if it wasn't for the dumbass little Talking part in the center that totally kills the vibe but it is funny

    ROEB 420ROEB 42012 часов назад
  • Luv this..😍

    Annette WattersAnnette Watters12 часов назад
  • 12k dislikes? Why are you gay?

    ImMrLysolImMrLysol12 часов назад
  • This song explains me

    kloey Newmankloey Newman12 часов назад
  • OMG YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    Vocalist AlexaVocalist Alexa12 часов назад
  • The chances of you seeng this this comment are 1 in 72,000

    namjoonie forlifenamjoonie forlife12 часов назад
    • Found it

      LiL MeapLiL Meap10 часов назад
  • OMG

    Randy DelgadoRandy Delgado14 часов назад
  • Imagine Lil Wayne remixing a verse into this 💣💣💥🔥🔥🔥 like that'll ever happen 🙄

    Don't Yell At MeDon't Yell At Me14 часов назад
  • no higher yes godher

    Kemal KaraKemal Kara14 часов назад
  • Mr eminem attention👽🌏 you are the best for pattern

    AxornAxorn14 часов назад
  • Really I have no idea... All I know is everytime I see only 15 Million... I go crazier than I’ve ever Fucking been...

    Marouane MMarouane M14 часов назад
  • Eminem...."so your an asshole. Im out." 🤣

    Young IntellYoung Intell14 часов назад
  • Em em em em em em em em em em em sliim shadyy is the name

    Shivam kaushikShivam kaushik15 часов назад
  • You're best.

    YaroW0RLD_MegYaroW0RLD_Meg15 часов назад

    Sebastián MontoyaSebastián Montoya15 часов назад
  • We going to ignore that UMG tried copy righting this and referring it to Godzilla?

    Rex ClapzRex Clapz15 часов назад
  • Who comes here everyday?

    dads onlyson2dads onlyson215 часов назад
  • I like the song video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The facts 💯

    manuel varelamanuel varela15 часов назад
  • Eminem paying homage to LL Cool J wow man, hip hop at its finest

    Azzedine El HaitiAzzedine El Haiti15 часов назад
  • Almost 1,000,000 likes

    EPICNineEPICNine15 часов назад
  • The nostalgics is real. Amazing

    Jake WilkinsonJake Wilkinson15 часов назад
  • That's my boxing gym I'm not even lying I didn't know he did this video until yesterday.

    Tiimmy TunesTiimmy Tunes15 часов назад
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    Mouhamed SaimMouhamed Saim15 часов назад
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    Rihan SRihan S15 часов назад
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    Rihan SRihan S15 часов назад
  • Eminem dont put the music in coments. How do you guys expect i learn that music and sing?

    De Tudo Um PoucoDe Tudo Um Pouco16 часов назад
    • Pull up the lyric video and listen to it twice. It’s a work of art.

      RandyRandy8 часов назад
  • ❤❤❤

    bbc old FBibbc old FBi16 часов назад
  • So who's trying to cancel Eminem

    Big LewyBig Lewy16 часов назад
  • I love him but he needs to chill now for a few years

    Sunny MSunny M17 часов назад
  • goat

    John KoukoulisJohn Koukoulis17 часов назад
  • ICE!!!

    KiNgUtzwKiNgUtzw17 часов назад
  • eminem still alive kings never die

    Lauti el gordo bolúLauti el gordo bolú17 часов назад
  • yall he says the n word and he's white

    Gungirlcali_209Gungirlcali_20917 часов назад
    • Where did he ??

      Edward MathipaEdward Mathipa13 часов назад
    • he is from the hood he is allowed

      AddySaysAddySays15 часов назад
  • eminem needs to diss dax

    wingedmonster62 gamingwingedmonster62 gaming18 часов назад
  • using this song to help with my recovery from fentanyl addiction

    I Am TroubleI Am Trouble18 часов назад
    • Good luck

      Aden AlamAden Alam5 часов назад
  • Goat can't be cancelled. We have your back!

    lt25lt2518 часов назад
  • Ele mudo pra krlhh

    red bgordinjred bgordinj18 часов назад
  • Pov: your mad bc gen Z trynna cancel em

    Lost_Soul999Lost_Soul99918 часов назад
  • Thank you Joe Weller. (he is the one who started these celebrity fights)

    astroidpine 216astroidpine 21619 часов назад
  • Alguém aí do Brasil vendo essa lenda!!!!!

    Mr. DáblioMr. Dáblio19 часов назад
  • Just on here giving more views because fuck cancel culture

    JJ TorJJ Tor19 часов назад
  • Him been watching dragon ball z alot 😆🤣😂

    stoner stonerstoner stoner19 часов назад
  • Why I heard Eminem dying this year 🤦🏽‍♀️ I hope it ate true all these conspiracy shit be having me 🤦🏽‍♀️

    teresa santiagoteresa santiago19 часов назад
  • Where is Khabib in the video?🙄

    Mahmoud MuradMahmoud Murad19 часов назад
  • He just trash

    Holstein ChildrenHolstein Children20 часов назад
    • @Holstein Children literally give me a reason

      lucas ralphslucas ralphs15 часов назад
    • @lucas ralphs well he does suck

      Holstein ChildrenHolstein Children16 часов назад
    • And you gave no reason to why so your clearly another brain dead hater

      lucas ralphslucas ralphs17 часов назад
  • А где Хабиб??? HABIB TIME 💪💪💪

    Aibek IsmailovAibek Ismailov20 часов назад
  • Dana White punked Eminem 😂😂

    Nathan KingNathan King20 часов назад
  • Eminem is forever legendary. Eminem's Higher must be another Oscar Academy Award winning song. I am Eminem's biggest fan ever in Jerusalem Israel. He will know it soon. Eminem inspires me to become the first openly autistic Oscar Academy Award winner in Hollywood history. I will turn 27 years old this May in Jerusalem and I daily save lives from car collisions at Mobileye Intel my safe driving startup in Jerusalem Israel

    Jonathan TraunerJonathan Trauner20 часов назад
  • Why can Eminem say f@gg0+ every other song but no one else can without losing everything? He’s using it in a very derogatory hurtful way and I’m tired of it.

    Nathan KingNathan King20 часов назад
    • @lucas ralphs are you one of the ones ok with him downing all women and calling people faggots?

      Nathan KingNathan King7 часов назад
    • Lol are you one of those people trying to cancel him

      lucas ralphslucas ralphs17 часов назад
  • Our lion is back

    Cartoon Network Fun mediaCartoon Network Fun media20 часов назад
  • Eminem you fire

    Rodney FavrowRodney Favrow20 часов назад
  • Goosebumps is real 🥰🥰🥰

    Therese Mae AvilesTherese Mae Aviles21 час назад
  • ruworld.info/slow/video/zWCtaYGdz5GRuY4

    Lost TracksLost Tracks21 час назад
  • They cut you off interrupt your music most are scared of it an sad an lonely an pissed at us being together so understand it's not me doing it so I go back to harry for he understands an they like him he nice an dont scare them their are lock up aloneness too I'm not cutting you off so hope you understand again I'm told your playing me too so it's amazing I. Keep coming back for you have been sorry many ti.es an diss me too remember that but you say you are a man of your word an to me you are sometimes funny again peeps are scared of the truth we present so sad

    Pinkie PiePinkie Pie21 час назад
  • eminem is not that good cz he has only 40mil sum subs xxxtentacion 31mill he has better rap songs better then this. bro eminem 34 year of rapping experience and his songs are so bad

    2kSwiss2kSwiss22 часа назад
  • Who remember this old Eminem ruworld.info/slow/video/0qmQrpeG1aSXz2k

    All In OneAll In One22 часа назад
  • Eminem is gonna be remembered more than rapping itself he’s my hero if it weren’t for him my life would be hell

    The FishefantThe Fishefant22 часа назад
  • Hola los invito a ver mi canal 🚘🚗

    TOTO GVTOTO GV22 часа назад
  • Those who think Tom MacDonald beat Eminem you need to give your head a shake as that guy is no where near being on the same level as Eminem

    Jeff MeiklejohnJeff Meiklejohn22 часа назад
  • 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Aziz AliAziz Ali22 часа назад
  • Next take some boxing eniem:))

    Quang Vinh TrầnQuang Vinh Trần22 часа назад
  • We want answers eminem wont you answer this video? ruworld.info/slow/video/0mqQqJ6slmuEq3Y

    Debapriya Deb RoyDebapriya Deb Roy22 часа назад
  • @lil windex shut up

    Skata4phyloffasiey 4132Skata4phyloffasiey 413223 часа назад
    • @petrol patches vagina snatches planks n patchs matchs catchs fire ima little lier y ha my styles scared bared from many like gaga my mumma thats a bummer

      Skata4phyloffasiey 4132Skata4phyloffasiey 413222 часа назад
    • EMINEM exposed on my channel..

      petrol patchespetrol patches22 часа назад
  • If anything can revive Slim Shady it’s these god damn social justice warriors

    Cape SIXCape SIX23 часа назад
    • EMINEM exposed on my channel..

      petrol patchespetrol patches22 часа назад
  • Hm

    • EMINEM exposed on my channel..

      petrol patchespetrol patches22 часа назад
  • 형! 악플다는 놈들한테 디스 랩 ㄱㄴ?

    ¿¿ arkk¿¿ arkk23 часа назад
    • EMINEM exposed on my channel..

      petrol patchespetrol patches22 часа назад
  • Higher !!! #eminemforever

    Renya MasonRenya MasonДень назад
  • I know alot of people has this in mind but I gotta say, if some how em sees this, Im not ever gonna stop being your fan, your also my god don't. I've listened to your music since I was in year 2. The only dude I can rely on when I'm down, I appreciate you for that coz don't think I would be here with out you. Thanks ☺️👍 (EMIN3M) FOR LIFE

    jordan tylerjordan tylerДень назад
    • EMINEM exposed on my channel..

      petrol patchespetrol patches22 часа назад