Die in a Fire ▶ FNAF REMIX (feat. Caleb Hyles)

17 апр 2021
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In this FNAF remix of The Living Tombstones "Die in a Fire" we get a closer look at William Afton at the beginning of his sinister career. Special thanks to Yoav Landau for permission on this project!
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  • To answer half the comments, the models were custom made for the channel and can't be found online. We plan on commissioning hundreds of original models in the future!

    Kyle Allen MusicKyle Allen Music22 дня назад
    • are most humans purple? probably! or maybe only the cool ones...YEAH ill go with that!

      Mr AftonMr Afton9 часов назад
    • you cant have me im a human being! i think...

      Mr AftonMr Afton9 часов назад
    • @Chance Garrett Definitely, have been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

      Junior LandynJunior LandynДень назад
    • pro trick: you can watch series on Flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

      Chance GarrettChance GarrettДень назад
    • Thanks for telling us

      Cathy GoodwinCathy Goodwin4 дня назад

    Ink BendyInk Bendy2 часа назад
  • The Afton model tho otherwise really good

    Brook petersonBrook peterson6 часов назад
  • Huh, people still make this stuff. Cool.

    Dominic PetersenDominic Petersen8 часов назад
  • So good

    Christopher L rChristopher L r8 часов назад
  • This gives me BATIM vibes

    The Time Traveling PitThe Time Traveling Pit11 часов назад
  • This man killed kids THEN U make or other youtubers make about bad and LITTLE cool song that's kinda rude

    Ali AnwarAli Anwar13 часов назад
  • William always comes back no matter what

    DCTXDCTX21 час назад
  • THIS...IS......SO...........COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

    Toy chica CZToy chica CZДень назад
  • 1:23 me gusto la referencia a el security logbook english: i like the reference to the security logbook

    joel pabonjoel pabonДень назад
  • Animation : 😐😑😐 Music 😎

    AntoAnimation FlipaClipAntoAnimation FlipaClipДень назад
  • I love the William|Dave model! it makes my headcanon that he has a illness go happy brrr. it looks so good!

    Corrupted NightshadeCorrupted NightshadeДень назад
  • He made room catrostrophies

    G CG CДень назад
  • these models feel familiar. but i like the models and how you put him in the springbonnie suit instead of it just being endo bendo

    tec9b8tec9b8День назад
    • @no name45pl ?

      tec9b8tec9b8День назад
    • This is........ehkurwa

      no name45plno name45plДень назад
  • I feel nostalgia for an old day of this fandom so much.

    scaredy puddingscaredy puddingДень назад
  • 😠😠😠😤😤😤😠😠😠😤😤

    wilasinee singthongwilasinee singthong2 дня назад
  • I liked how he used the graphic novel design lmao

    Emily WoodEmily Wood2 дня назад
  • 👏👏👏👏👏🖒🖒🖒🎵🎵🎵👏👏👏👏

    FREDDY 2021 Aires MartinsFREDDY 2021 Aires Martins2 дня назад
  • He is so realistic and detailed from the novel

    Sheila FlowersSheila Flowers2 дня назад
  • This remix is sick i love the voice and the purple guy model and the nightguard

    Keven DionneKeven Dionne2 дня назад
  • The song I sing to my haters

    chloe masonchloe mason2 дня назад
  • But, did the night guard live?

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]2 дня назад
  • The humans look so ugly, but so freaking good.

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]2 дня назад
  • smh freddy comes to the left door in this, literally unwatchable

    AngelsOfGamesAngelsOfGames2 дня назад
  • The William afton model in this video is amazing.

    this guys herethis guys here2 дня назад
  • Epic just epic

    Alex McCabeAlex McCabe3 дня назад
  • will you do it been so long?

    watermelonboyandkermit ewatermelonboyandkermit e3 дня назад
  • Uyrg👍👍👍

    Abhimanyu LokananthaAbhimanyu Lokanantha3 дня назад
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ gue yang Ok

    Abhimanyu LokananthaAbhimanyu Lokanantha3 дня назад
  • "Why can't you just let it fly" I can relate to that

    The Time Traveling PitThe Time Traveling Pit3 дня назад
  • I didin't read the "ft. Caleb Hyles" But anyway i recognize that voice

    NecroPlayerNecroPlayer3 дня назад
  • I love this song can I use it for a gacha react video

    Kaiju Fan gacha lifeKaiju Fan gacha life3 дня назад
  • make die in the fire part 2

    Carson MartelCarson Martel3 дня назад
  • Not William Afton the silver eyes Dave

    Tanis BrittneyTanis Brittney3 дня назад
  • I love it But not the face-

    •William Ąfťõņ••William Ąfťõņ•3 дня назад

    Elizabeth Afton_Circus babyElizabeth Afton_Circus baby4 дня назад
  • bruh. the spring bonnie model is from Encryptions thumbnail.

    DakotaIsHereYTDakotaIsHereYT4 дня назад
  • it's so good

    Jaden PedrozaJaden Pedroza4 дня назад
  • Purpleguy!

    Jaden PedrozaJaden Pedroza4 дня назад
  • 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻😱😱😱😱😫😱😫😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Oratile SeabeloOratile Seabelo4 дня назад
  • 2:30 PVP William/Dave Miller vs Bonnie! Fight bonnie tried to atack but William with a hammer finished it

    TheArlex1008TheArlex10084 дня назад
  • thanks for making me remember my 6 years XD

    Luciano Castillo MoreLuciano Castillo More4 дня назад

    Luciano Castillo MoreLuciano Castillo More4 дня назад
  • FNAF never die!!!!

    DJ_zonetakung 27DJ_zonetakung 274 дня назад
    • Fnaf dead inside after 4 part

      Бубба СойерБубба Сойер4 дня назад
  • wow

  • also i love William and Michaels models because they have that Scott cawthon style, like for example in one of Scott's older works The Pilgrims Progress the humans have this Unique style to them, to make this short, i really love these models, they stick to the FNAF style

    ethancraft08ethancraft085 дней назад
  • Make instrumental

    Ezekiel JonesEzekiel Jones5 дней назад
  • This is fine showable

    Ezekiel JonesEzekiel Jones5 дней назад
  • Well done.

    Watchman 006Watchman 0065 дней назад
  • This..... This video is the DEFINITION of underrated

    OliviaOlivia5 дней назад
  • Oh yeah wiliam

    Carlos OrtizCarlos Ortiz5 дней назад
  • the nostalgia

    Tristan CassagnolTristan Cassagnol5 дней назад
  • Oh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Rinky RinkyRinky Rinky5 дней назад
  • Good!

    Leonid DdolgirevLeonid Ddolgirev5 дней назад
  • Do a fnaf 2

    White RabbitWhite Rabbit5 дней назад
  • It's Willam yay I like the song and yeah it looks cool

    Deborah HughesDeborah Hughes5 дней назад
  • damn so sick

    Harrie SahagunHarrie Sahagun5 дней назад
  • great music

  • Meu Deus quanto meu Deus você ver que que vocês pensa que é uma coisa de Five Nights at freddy's como um vídeo pode ser assim mas eu não é história verdadeira mas eu

    Arthur PereiraArthur Pereira6 дней назад

    Peachtail’s Art!Peachtail’s Art!6 дней назад
  • imagine if they did pinky pills version of me

    Purple GrapePurple Grape6 дней назад

    Lonnie VonVonLonnie VonVon6 дней назад
  • the humans make me say fuck no

    wolfarmy sQaD gamingwolfarmy sQaD gaming6 дней назад
  • Yes. What

    selim guvencselim guvenc6 дней назад
  • *This man's jaw line*

    The Tectonic CruzaderThe Tectonic Cruzader6 дней назад
  • This is really bad in my opinion.

    SoIamBrysonSoIamBryson6 дней назад
  • This is epic animation

    wafelwafel6 дней назад
  • Oh

    Isaiah TanonIsaiah Tanon6 дней назад
  • GET THOSE TODDLERS YEEESSSS!!! wait why are they following me...

    Mr AftonMr Afton6 дней назад
  • 😈😈😈👾👾👾

    Наталия КуншинаНаталия Куншина6 дней назад
  • Вау супер

    Георгий Ахвледиани 2Георгий Ахвледиани 26 дней назад
  • The original Living Tombstone video was much better than this...

    Owen RippergerOwen Ripperger7 дней назад
  • Wow the voice! It surprised me 😱😁

    TaylorTJVTaylorTJV7 дней назад
  • 1. Awesome just awesome 2.DAVE!!!!

    Charles CrumpCharles Crump7 дней назад
  • Ew

    Canaan AllenCanaan Allen7 дней назад
  • Fnaf is my life

    Knaf play михKnaf play мих7 дней назад

    Raw AlienRaw Alien7 дней назад
  • i like how you desined puppet

    Nick HenleyNick Henley7 дней назад
  • Novel william my mom got me the novel

  • Ytr

    Thomas RasThomas Ras7 дней назад
  • Super remake

    GERONIN fortniteGERONIN fortnite7 дней назад
  • 😏Dude so cool

    James Finley Addison Kristianto 1313072James Finley Addison Kristianto 13130728 дней назад
  • William afton update style 2021

    frendy536frendy5368 дней назад
  • Although the Afton model is GREAT (and so are the animatronics & souls), Afton’s death was VERY inaccurate. But it’s a music video so whatever.

    Goodest BoyGoodest Boy8 дней назад
  • Afton was freeing the souls but ok

    error mouseerror mouse8 дней назад
  • Hi 🖐

    jaxon morrowjaxon morrow8 дней назад
  • Epic

    Carlos Montero 6toCarlos Montero 6to8 дней назад
  • I sometimes wonder what what’ve happened if the children actually got William and if he didn’t die by the springlock failure.

    ゴシック』『Jebbyゴシック』『Jebby8 дней назад
    • Technically, they couldn’t do anything to him. But William thought they could so he did the funny

      A PersonA Person6 дней назад
  • It'd be horrifying enough to be murdered Now imagine immediately possessing a puppet and wandering over to your former body Now imagine that state of horrified confusion as a child

    Tanner BatesTanner Bates8 дней назад

    Hannahs animation and drawing studioHannahs animation and drawing studio8 дней назад
  • :v

    Miguel Costa LimaMiguel Costa Lima8 дней назад
  • For those that have ears let them hear our father God is coming back with his son Jesus that died on the cross years back and I’m not going to force you to worship but just know that Jesus will love you till the days John 3:15 ►

    Josiah G,Josiah G,8 дней назад
  • copy right i think but the beat is good

    Senshi CODMSenshi CODM8 дней назад
  • 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    George exe UwUGeorge exe UwU8 дней назад
  • This the best one I've heard great work the models is very good and I love the beats .

    back road boyback road boy8 дней назад
  • Esos modelos como de Pixar no sé por qué pero se ve muy bien el en universo de fnaf lol

    Fel ZFel Z8 дней назад
  • Very good

    hero menhero men8 дней назад
  • Nice Dave model

    gamingandmemesgamingandmemes8 дней назад
  • William hasn't eaten anything since world War 1

    AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYT9 дней назад