Baby Keem, Travis Scott - durag activity (Official Video)

29 апр 2021
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Official video for “durag activity” by Baby Keem & Travis Scott

Listen & Download “durag activity” out now:

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Director - Eliel Ford
Director of Photography - Gus Bendinelli
Production Designer - Eric Hersey
Wardrobe - Taylor McNeill
Editor - Neal Farmer
Colorist - Joseph Bicknell at Company 3
Executive Producers: Dave Free, K.L., pgLang™ ℠
Executive Producer: Brendan Garrett, Simian Design
Producer: Brendan Garrett, Simian Design
pgLang™ ℠ Producers: Jamie Rabineau, Drew Scott, Juanita Niya Morton, Cornell Brown
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  • @metaforando vem ca rapidão

    DanielDaniel19 минут назад
  • chama o metaforando

    DanielDaniel19 минут назад
  • When you tell the homies that dubbed is better than subbed 0:03

    SNIPER PG3DSNIPER PG3D25 минут назад
  • Du-rag Ac-tivity

    Enzo FerrúaEnzo Ferrúa37 минут назад
  • We're waiting for UTOPIA

    Manuel MorandiManuel MorandiЧас назад
  • 🇹🇷 B A N D A N A A K T I V I T E S I 🇹🇷

    clemerttclemerttЧас назад
  • 21Savage would fit in this song sooo well.

    D. A.D. A.2 часа назад
  • The freezing ankle worrisomely want because pair explicitly scare at a fancy menu. ruddy, dizzy whiskey

    Gail ButlerGail Butler2 часа назад
  • That vent v2 leak was the craziest thing I've heard from Keem and Kendrick so far. Last two official releases been kinda mid.

  • weird seeing travy with skinny pants again

    Gastón AncaiGastón Ancai2 часа назад
  • composition of yt version > spotify version

    FourYopFourYop3 часа назад
  • let me go find my durag and put it on 😭

    Ismail MetedadIsmail Metedad3 часа назад
  • your energy is triple 6- and mine is blessed

    Poppy FennellPoppy Fennell4 часа назад
  • you got an innocent face i stroke it

    Poppy FennellPoppy Fennell4 часа назад
  • Hi! How are you? The season is approaching summer. I hope that COVID-19 will be resolved as soon as possible. And when you have time, I hope you can visit my other RUworld. Thank you. ^O^

  • ASAP Rocky verse is ❤️‍🔥

    St PabloSt Pablo6 часов назад
  • антагонистом данного видеоклипа является Стас Барецкий?🤔

    Фараон ЗагробныйФараон Загробный6 часов назад
  • this sounds exactly like orange soda part 2

    GgGg7 часов назад
  • Dope song but wish Travis dressed part of the theme of the video... You can hear Kendrick influence in the flow break down

    bing rijperbing rijper7 часов назад
  • moneyman tennmoneyman tenn7 часов назад
  • Travis Scott and free fire

    Petersson SantosPetersson Santos7 часов назад
  • Give this guy vitamin pills he doesn't look so healthy

    Rohit ChavdaRohit Chavda8 часов назад
  • This song a vibe when u high 😩

    CapAlotCapAlot8 часов назад
  • 2:47 damn i need her ig ASAP

    obitoobito8 часов назад
  • Baby Keems up next baby!

    [Deleted ][Deleted ]10 часов назад
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    Evelyn JohnsonEvelyn Johnson11 часов назад
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    Evelyn JohnsonEvelyn Johnson11 часов назад
  • this aesthetic is so well done, i dont like this baby keem tho

    Anji SamaAnji Sama11 часов назад
  • Guys I didn’t heard drug activity I heard doo rag activity

    Over DoseOver Dose11 часов назад
  • Best everrrrr omg

    bby baebby bae11 часов назад
  • du rag ac tivity

    bukan maulbukan maul12 часов назад
  • After listening to song you realize that you might need a durag

    Seconds To NosSeconds To Nos12 часов назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥 nuff said !

    Sugar TrapSugar Trap13 часов назад
  • Irmão com cabelo do Da Baby 🔥🎶

    Samuel SilvaSamuel Silva13 часов назад
  • Only came for Travis

    Jdawg CoystonJdawg Coyston14 часов назад
  • Trash activity

    lil banslil bans14 часов назад
  • Keem changed his verse in the Spotify version😢

    Poppa SchlattPoppa Schlatt14 часов назад
  • I'm your newest fan!!!

    akeni danielakeni daniel15 часов назад
  • ♥️

    AlleahNicolePamintuan PerezAlleahNicolePamintuan Perez16 часов назад
  • Wish Kendrick was back!

    Chris HowertonChris Howerton16 часов назад
  • Wish Kendrick was back!

    Chris HowertonChris Howerton16 часов назад
  • Honestly I would say baby keem carried this. If I was asked who carried it

    BlurBlur17 часов назад
  • THE MOORISH ANTHEM 🇲🇦👳🏿‍♀️⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔ RISE OF THE MOORS🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

    Shad LamarShad Lamar17 часов назад
  • confused twerking

    John PunJohn Pun18 часов назад
  • pinto

    MXNARX!MXNARX!18 часов назад
  • durex activity

    Niclas BankNiclas Bank18 часов назад
  • 1:46 the number 23 rounds up to triple 6

    Jesus AguilarJesus Aguilar18 часов назад
  • Rapping really gone to the dogs

    avion fergusonavion ferguson18 часов назад
  • 2:06 *only writing this to know to where I skip because Travis Scott*

    Madame RougeMadame Rouge19 часов назад

    try oxitry oxi19 часов назад
  • Used this song to fry my eggs😫😫

    allah RJallah RJ20 часов назад
  • On repeat, something sinister about this track, I love it,

    Lebone LedwabaLebone Ledwaba20 часов назад
  • I like creepin' 4am when it ain't safe. 🤚

    Sir AdolfSir Adolf20 часов назад
  • o(>

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid20 часов назад
  • Ugly God if he was posh :

    ExtraExtra21 час назад
  • trav went beserk

    Luke GendyLuke Gendy22 часа назад
  • If its Baby Keem then its gonna be real Mean ;)

    olduselesschannel foreverdeadolduselesschannel foreverdead23 часа назад
  • damn,kendrick's cousin is good

    Daniel CDaniel CДень назад
  • can someone tell me who the girl at 2:21

    Tommy Julianda TTommy Julianda TДень назад
  • Anyone else find this version (Keem’s verse first) better than the one on Spotify and Apple Music?

    barack obamabarack obamaДень назад
  • This baby keem kids got a BRIGHT future

    MILLIMILLIДень назад
  • I remember when this man had a few thousand listens on Spotify now look at him it’s only up from here

    Bob The FettBob The FettДень назад
  • Keem hit that shit at 3:03 😂

    JD MAXJD MAXДень назад
  • Kardashian's ruin ppl Travis is doing great

    akhil hoodaakhil hoodaДень назад
  • I like how they have a song called "durag activity" but none of them have waves😂

    Mark as Eren from AOTMark as Eren from AOTДень назад
  • @bluffcitygear901 on Instagram for cheap vintage clothing

    Marcus WilsonMarcus WilsonДень назад
  • So sweet, I always repeat it

    Bright EseBright EseДень назад
  • why on spotify, travis entry on the beat at 0:51?

    Lmz TedLmz TedДень назад
  • Bruh why did you put Travis on this?

    Divine ADivine AДень назад
  • my left stroke just went viral.

    Austin PowersAustin PowersДень назад
  • Who ever made this beat need to get piped down bru 😭😭😭

    [NUK3S] SLOWW[NUK3S] SLOWWДень назад
  • The obnoxious beginner trivially level because gondola family point including a normal route. rude, quack chive

    Juan HernandezJuan HernandezДень назад
  • mans lookin like Roddy RIch and DaBaby lmfao

    aliffimran. ggaliffimran. ggДень назад
  • Who else here is from Daygo??

    Tyler BucklesTyler BucklesДень назад
  • Nice beat

    ovo1024ovo1024День назад

    clinton jacksonclinton jacksonДень назад
  • The one on spotify better

    Welcome To UtopiaWelcome To UtopiaДень назад
  • Producer: How much Travis Scott do you need? Auto-tune: YES

    Sterling Malory ArcherSterling Malory ArcherДень назад
  • I just went ahead and clicked it since it won’t get off my recommendation 😑

    Only SlappersOnly SlappersДень назад
  • Too fye

    Janiya BJaniya BДень назад
  • AAAYYEEE!!🔥 This just put me on to Baby Keem😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

    Yung Marty04Yung Marty04День назад
  • Anyone know other songs like this. Dark sinister tone

    DonDonДень назад
    • Top Ramen by baby Keem got a similar vibe to this

      KDesignzKDesignzДень назад
    • maybe check out days before rodeo and birds in the trap, they have some dark vibe songs

      NizarNizarДень назад
  • Travis carried harddddddd

    Damian LouiseDamian LouiseДень назад
  • Baby keem hella underated

    JustCallMeJayJustCallMeJayДень назад
  • why did thety switched the verses ?? it was much better with travis' verse at the last position as in this video :/

    LorisLorisДень назад
    • Fr

      RoseBudRoseBudДень назад
    • Agreed

      KDesignzKDesignzДень назад
  • they could use this for john wick 4

    AzulAzulДень назад
  • For all y’all who are disappointed, i promise this nigga got better songs...

    thedopestethiopianthedopestethiopianДень назад
  • Aulas! 🤘🤘

    Ani Do TremAni Do TremДень назад
  • this song got me waking up my family and telling them that I'm going to sleep

    Thugga thuggaThugga thuggaДень назад
    • @Jon B but u hear listening to it

      Cash DonvCash Donv16 часов назад
    • wtf that makes no sense

      Mikal BridgesMikal Bridges22 часа назад
    • Yea cause you fucking lame.

      Jon BJon B23 часа назад
  • Am I trippin or did they move Travis' verse on streaming platforms

    Cosmic.mp9Cosmic.mp9День назад
    • they did wtf

      The CaliberThe Caliber21 час назад
  • 21 savage

    ian sebastianian sebastianДень назад
  • Lil Nas X - Montero (Call Me By Your Name) | [Bass Boosted]

    BaSS Boost EverythingBaSS Boost EverythingДень назад
  • Slightly poser but dope

    Taj D'AgostinoTaj D'AgostinoДень назад
  • When u listen this song in pods u can feel like Travis singing in your ears

    Vishal TayyaVishal TayyaДень назад
  • the otis reference with the blowtorch

    Loik DaliLoik DaliДень назад
  • If we don't share the ho, he's not my friend🤣

    farai mudzingwafarai mudzingwa2 дня назад
  • Love the vibe💯☀️

    Hay D’VineHay D’Vine2 дня назад
  • Love the vibe💯☀️

    Hay D’VineHay D’Vine2 дня назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Big GloBig Glo2 дня назад
  • Still don’t see why he switched the verses on streaming services. Travis goes first after the chorus now but I like this better🤷🏾‍♂️

    ValourValour2 дня назад
    • Maybe cause it’s Baby Keen song?🤷🏻‍♂️

      Green RoseGreen RoseДень назад