Ava Max - My Head & My Heart (Bimini Bon Boulash Performance Video)

19 фев 2021
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Ava and Bimini proudly support Mermaids, a UK-wide charity working to support transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families. Their goal is to create a world where gender-diverse children and young people can be themselves and thrive. Learn more about their mission and donate here: mermaidsuk.org.uk/donate
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Director: Matt Timmiss
Producer: Lily Roberts
Editor: Tom McPhee
Colourist: Alex Nerzic
Commissioner: Sean Ward
Choreography: Margo Marshall
#AvaMax #MyHeadAndMyHeart #DragRaceUK

  • Fantastic sing,,,,,

    Fabio VolinoFabio Volino13 минут назад
  • Release the beast. BIMINI

    TheBubblyMermaidTheBubblyMermaid19 минут назад
  • This music video feels like a literal "SHE IS THE RPDR UK SEASON 2 WINNER!" love love love Bimini!!!❤❤❤❤❤

    Jofel FabraJofel FabraЧас назад
  • This is my new fav song so as her I know u too 😉

    Crystal ShadeCrystal Shade2 часа назад
  • when we all thought she was part of mh&mh mv lmao

    Ava Max HellAva Max Hell5 часов назад
  • hell yeah

    mcmc5 часов назад
  • Friendly like 👍♥️ from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿♥️

    Soltik vonderCoolSoltik vonderCool5 часов назад

    •ĦȺɌꝀMƗ••ĦȺɌꝀMƗ•6 часов назад
  • Yaaaas Bimini 😍

    Salvador BerronesSalvador Berrones6 часов назад
  • oh shit

    Oliver Fenelon CheeOliver Fenelon Chee6 часов назад
  • Do you know before watching this video I thought the song was amazing but nah

    Anthony's Toy ChestAnthony's Toy Chest7 часов назад
    • Never mind

      Anthony's Toy ChestAnthony's Toy Chest7 часов назад
    • No

      Anthony's Toy ChestAnthony's Toy Chest7 часов назад
  • ugh god I love her SO MUCH

    Emily VeraEmily Vera7 часов назад
  • Hi Ava Max umm can you create a new song please im excited for your new songs Thank You Ava Max

    Imogene GopelaImogene Gopela8 часов назад
  • I got this as an ad and came right awayyyyyyyy

    Usmaan AliUsmaan Ali8 часов назад
  • Me la recomendó RUworld primera vez :-:-:-'

    Johan algem tello CJohan algem tello C9 часов назад
  • y u dress like ur clothes have litteraly ripped off u?

    Nasishere R.TNasishere R.T10 часов назад
  • It goes around the world... just la la la la laa!! NICE!!

    Shelby HaaseShelby Haase10 часов назад
  • hi its me your couisin Elsa's kid and petor's sister i cant wait to meet u i hope u can come to vrgina u are so cool .

    Kristiana PaliKristiana Pali11 часов назад
  • Yassss BIMINI !!!!

  • I thoight she was a man for a sec

    Netra TeangNetra Teang12 часов назад
    • it is a man help

      GratefulAnxietyGratefulAnxiety5 часов назад
  • She looks stiff lol

    CyprusHotCyprusHot13 часов назад
  • This sample of ATC's Around the world brought me back to my teenage years and Bimini's performance cured my depression, my scoliosis and watered my crops

    Sidney PrescottSidney Prescott13 часов назад
  • Anybody notice the beat is very similar to "All around the world (la la la)"?

    Crazedloon 13Crazedloon 1314 часов назад
  • Nice song but it sounds a lot like ATC - All Around The World (la la la la la la la la) :P

    Abbigail DrinkwaterAbbigail Drinkwater14 часов назад
  • Obsessed

    Adrián SuárezAdrián Suárez14 часов назад
  • Love ava max

    Jennifer GuillotJennifer Guillot14 часов назад
  • good odision

    Mi TranMi Tran14 часов назад
  • Хто має 10 і більше (як я ) каналів Ейви Макс з України ставте 👍 а хто з Росії пишіть в відповідях ,, Я ''

    Маргарита ПогребськаМаргарита Погребська15 часов назад
    • А також хто знає Еру Істрефі ставте 👍або пишіть я

      Маргарита ПогребськаМаргарита Погребська15 часов назад
  • Loveee

    Yohnny leallYohnny leall15 часов назад
  • Came here for the Bimini love.

    Delfino OrozcoDelfino Orozco15 часов назад
  • I love everything about this!

    glamazon2090glamazon209015 часов назад
  • Good

    Agnieszka RubinkiewiczAgnieszka Rubinkiewicz15 часов назад
  • Il pagante ti dice qualcosa plagio

    Alessandro FallacaraAlessandro Fallacara17 часов назад
  • Wow Bimini invented lip syncing 😍

    Ramses VazquezRamses Vazquez17 часов назад
  • is that her?

    Elijah RomelusElijah Romelus17 часов назад
    • read the title

      GratefulAnxietyGratefulAnxiety5 часов назад
  • Руки верх песенка is the original

    Whey BurgerWhey Burger17 часов назад
  • C'est pas toi Ava max elle àpas cette coupe de cheveux vous sait d'accord

    Nono LunelNono Lunel17 часов назад
  • There are only 2 genders lmao

    Hacked accountHacked account18 часов назад
  • Lalalala

    дада нетнетдада нетнет18 часов назад
  • World: covid-19 Bimini: 1:49

    Sarah TetlowSarah Tetlow19 часов назад
  • Me gusta la canción, pero que mierda! de video.

    HumanoHumano19 часов назад
  • This reminds me of Atc - All around the World

    Nikola JokićNikola Jokić19 часов назад
  • On my 37th watch of this in a row. Still a banger!

    Feel GoodFeel Good20 часов назад
  • first outfit is terrible but second was okay.. love the music !!

    Anny LaVidaAnny LaVida20 часов назад
  • 鬼知道我听了多少遍

    Li二十一Li二十一21 час назад
  • só existem 2 gêneros x e y me convença o contrario kkkkkkkkkkk mas boa musica

    Ruby BRuby B21 час назад
  • Nul 👎

    Mahna MahnaMahna MahnaДень назад
  • Bimini is taking over the world and I'm living for it 😍

    Lily DobleLily DobleДень назад
  • Fuckn shit !!!

    Sergey MerculovSergey MerculovДень назад
  • Drag queen lip-syncing for her life

  • Settt

    Nuke BalanNuke BalanДень назад
  • Yessss,,,,,, I m screaming

    Shelly JulieShelly JulieДень назад
  • 0:40 who thought I wip my hair back and forth just me????

    Randomness_ 123Randomness_ 123День назад
  • She knows her audience, smart move, love ha.

    Sebastian VargasSebastian VargasДень назад
  • Ava Max 😍🌺♥️

    ДженниДженниДень назад
  • Lady Gaga vibes, am I right?

    luvlykenzzluvlykenzzДень назад
  • my new fav song :)

    CallMehNadineCallMehNadineДень назад
  • Maravilhosa

    Mateus De Freitas MoreiraMateus De Freitas MoreiraДень назад
  • Bimini is also the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13

    valeria deutschvaleria deutschДень назад
  • Is that the same beat and same "lalalal" of dwin ruworld.info/slow/video/tWfWjp6eu4up3Io

    Waleed GharbiWaleed GharbiДень назад
  • There wasn’t enough Bimini in this. I wanted more. I wanted them to release the beast, BIMINI

    Billy JohnsonBilly JohnsonДень назад
  • Wow !!! Cool ❤️

    •Clijo LPS TV••Clijo LPS TV•День назад
  • is that really ava max because it doesn't look like her 🤔

    Jera. eye like your stuff DavisJera. eye like your stuff DavisДень назад
    • the title says its not her.. next time pay attention

      GratefulAnxietyGratefulAnxiety5 часов назад
  • Yeah but why does it sound like the Weed-Song?

    T AT AДень назад
  • kadın sandım dedim ki ne erkeksi bir kadın 😜🤣

    Abdullah Furkan TekeAbdullah Furkan TekeДень назад
  • It sounds like song Lalala it's All around the world..🤔

    TheBluestar3543TheBluestar3543День назад
  • Он баба 🤦‍♂️

    Зубенко Михаил Петрович прозвище мафиозникЗубенко Михаил Петрович прозвище мафиозникДень назад
  • Cover de ATC

    Jesus NuñezJesus NuñezДень назад
  • Руки вверх

    владимир боввладимир бовДень назад
  • ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋

    Nina KalluciNina KalluciДень назад
  • Она сплагиатила песню ! Ее раньше выпустили Руки вверх и там ещё одна певица , не помню имени..

    Sandra FridmanskaSandra FridmanskaДень назад
  • Iconic darling

    xiifleuriixxiifleuriixДень назад
  • Pls make a crazy cool offical video for this song! We need it!!!! 😎🥺

    Ida ZupanIda ZupanДень назад
  • Haj

    Dariusz PrzybyłDariusz PrzybyłДень назад
  • I've gotten sick because of this song Do you have new

    بصيص املبصيص املДень назад
  • I love this song

    Adam PykAdam PykДень назад
  • OooooooooOooooommmmmmmgggg Lol

    Irelynne WrenIrelynne WrenДень назад
  • Ganadora de la season 2 uk se sabe

    joshua Andradejoshua AndradeДень назад
  • Ava likes to make really intresting musicvideos: CHECK

    Thelma Nilsson 5AThelma Nilsson 5AДень назад
  • Nossa eu tava pensando a Ava Max ta masculino hoje né!!! e eu percebo que não é ela lol

    Gustavo SantiagoGustavo SantiagoДень назад

    GIOVANA luciGIOVANA luciДень назад
  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭

    VictoriaVictoriaДень назад
  • 😭

    Inspirasi FajarInspirasi FajarДень назад

    Nick EbejerNick EbejerДень назад
  • She copied R3HAB's song lalala.🙄

    Amogh PatilAmogh PatilДень назад
  • Is this cover any old song?

    Helazeez MoialsHelazeez MoialsДень назад
    • Yeah ATC

      Jesus NuñezJesus NuñezДень назад
  • The flow-ology of that blonde wig 😍 I am gonna pass out

    Jared MageeJared Magee2 дня назад
  • Ля-ля-ля-ля-ля весь день я напеваю...

    tatyana aliastatyana alias2 дня назад
  • I’m obsessed with this song! And with Bimini😍

    Edwin RodriguezEdwin Rodriguez2 дня назад
  • gorgeous!!! (read it as bimini would say it)

    Gábor MolnárGábor Molnár2 дня назад
  • yahsssssss!!!!

    Htet Naung Kyaw Bo BoHtet Naung Kyaw Bo Bo2 дня назад
  • W-hat happen to you(makeup and hair)

    Yağmur ŞafakYağmur Şafak2 дня назад
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 🥺

    Soltik vonderCoolSoltik vonderCool2 дня назад
  • Bimini is pure perfection!!

    Matthew BemisMatthew Bemis2 дня назад
  • I've fallen in love with your "Salt" song. You looked in there so innocent, so beautiful, so sexy, so true, so perfect.... Now I'm really disappointed with your look... You look like lady gaga, so masked up, unnatural and you you not truly yourself.... Please be that beautiful girl again....

    elbacalao1elbacalao12 дня назад
  • Idk why but the dancing in the first outfit combined with this song is reminding me of like 2012-2016 vibes

    Anuj RajputAnuj Rajput2 дня назад
  • gorge

    mori mizukimori mizuki2 дня назад
  • is it cold in here or is it just my nipples?

    Al PinedoAl Pinedo2 дня назад
  • Obsessed....

    Graham KingGraham King2 дня назад
  • Bimini is officially my winner.

    tre artistre artis2 дня назад